Justin Theroux Doing High Kicks, American Cheese and Snakes Are All in the Wacky At Home With Amy Sedaris Trailer

Exclusive! Enter the delightfully wacky world of truTV's new lifestyle show

By Chris Harnick Sep 22, 2017 3:00 PMTags

Amy Sedaris and her friends Justin Theroux, Jane Krakowski, Rachel Dratch and Michael Shannon are here to make your day—and at home entertaining—all the more better.

In the exclusive At Home With Amy Sedaris trailer above, enter the delightfully wacky world of Sedaris as she does it all, from bath tips (oatmeal in a stocking!) to giving tips on how to reuse American cheese papers (makeup removal!).

"I'll show you tips on crafting, cooking and how to be your own terrific host," the star and co-creator says. This is from the woman who gave us Strangers With Candy, you know it's not going to be a normal lifestyle show just from her association with the show, the trailer just proves it.

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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt star Jane Krakowski is there to make Christmas crafts. Nick Kroll is working with Sedaris on something with whip cream in a very Ghost-like fashion, Rachel Dratch is doing something with paint and Justin Theroux, Sedaris' good friend, is doing something with NASA it looks like. Take a peek at his high kick 42 seconds into the trailer. Be sure to take special notice of Sedaris on the floor doing some exercise. Look familiar? It's straight from Angela Lansbury's iconic workout tape.

Other skills Sedaris will show off include creating popsicle stick buddies, gutting a fish, making raisin necklaces and entertaining business men. Each episode has a theme, such as entertaining the grieving, the craft of love making and cooking without pots and pans. Translation? Essential viewing.

Sedaris created this oddball series with Paul Dinello, who worked on Strangers With Candy with her and Stephen Colbert.

At Home With Amy Sedaris premieres Tuesday, Oct. 24 at 10:30 p.m. on truTV.