Movie Preview

Do not adjust your movie screens. Yes, you are watching Thor: Ragnarok. And yes, Chris Hemsworth has short hair. 

This is not a technical glitch. It is a travesty, but it is not an accident. 

Shearing off Thor's now-infamous flowing locks is just one of the many changes in store for audiences when they tune in to the next installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The movie is out on November 3 and will reunite many of the franchise's mainstays. It's been a long time since fans have hung out with the full Thor gang, so a refresher is probably warranted. 

We last saw Thor in The Avengers: The Age of Ultron as he was heading off to figure out who exactly had it out for The Avengers. This installment is, in short, about Thor's fight with his evil brother Loki and the havoc he's been wreaking on their home planet. Being the natural fixer that he is, he tries to get in the way of Loki's evil bidding and eventually winds up on an entirely different planet where he is forced to become a gladiator. And that, friends, is where Chris Hemsworth's buzzcut comes into play. 

Not that anyone should feel bad for Hemsworth that he didn't get to don that wig the entire—he told E! News that they've shifted and shaped his costume with each passing sequel, and that he was a lot more comfortable this time around. "It has become less of a chore," he added. 

This isn't a story meant to provide spoilers, so that's enough about that—just know that as attached as audiences might have been to that mop of Thor hair, the new 'do is just as good. And, if you still can't get over it, Tom Hiddleston's crazy Loki wig is still very much in tact. This will be the first time the British actor steps back into the role since his much-publicized relationship with Taylor Swift.

And, considering the singer visited Hiddleston on this very movie set, there is plenty to speculate about. 

Joining Hiddleston and Hemsworth will be a host of other hotties. Benedict Cumberbatch had a post-credits scene with Thor in last year's Doctor Strange, so he'll be reviving his sorcerer superhero to help Chris with one of his quests. Idris Elba is playing Heimdall, an all-seeing and all-hearing fighter. Mark Ruffalo's Hulk is on board, and viewers should play special attention to Karl Ubran as Skurge. (Hubba, hubba!) 

Of course all this eye candy doesn't come easy. Hemsworth has now stepped into the Thor costume five different times over the years, so he is no stranger to the physically demanding routine that the movies call for. While on set, he told E! News that his trainers have been working hard on smart training techniques to maximize his time in the gym. 

"I've always done a lot of heavy weights and cardio HIIT sessions for the Thor films," he said. "In the first film, I was bigger and bulkier, but now I do cross training with weights." 

His costar Tessa Thompson, who plays Valkyrie, also attested to his dedication, saying that he keeps a set of dumbbells in his trailer which inspired the rest of the cast to do the same. It resulted in a full-on weight-off, which is something we certainly wouldn't be sad to see in Infinity War

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