Ben Stiller and Jimmy Fallon Fight for Fred Armisen's Love and Lip Sync Each Other's Lines on Their Teen Drama

Watch the two funny men act out "Speak For Yourself"?

By Elyse Dupre Sep 21, 2017 12:29 PMTags

Ben Stiller and Jimmy Fallon had a bit of a throwback moment on Wednesday's episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon when they showed clips from their short-lived ‘90s teen drama "Speak for Yourself."

The fictitious show is about two high school guys who have crushes on the same girl. Fallon told the audience that the show was "great," but that there were "some weird audio issues." Stiller explained that the show's director preferred to use Stiller's voice for Fallon's character and Fallon's voice for Stiller's character.

"So we ended up having to lip sync each other's lines while, you know, the other person spoke for us " Stiller said.

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The first two episodes show Stiller's jock character Reggie and Fallon's rock character Chet fighting over their crush Jessica. Stiller provides the voiceover for Fallon while he hilariously tries to lip sync the lines and vice versa—forcing each actor to move his lips to whatever lines come his way. After playing back (i.e. acting out) the scene, Fallon and Stiller sprint back to The Tonight Show host's desk.

The season comes to a dramatic end with the third episode when Jessica, played by Fred Armisen, has to make a decision about which boy she wants to take to the big dance. Armisen, who wears a long blond wig and choker for his character, proves to be the master lip syncer of them all.


Watch the video to see the teen drama and hilarity unfold. 

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