The Internet Is Celebrating the Dad Bod With the Dadbag Fanny Pack

New accessory can give you a dad bod in two-seconds flat, no donuts necessary...

By Meg Swertlow Sep 20, 2017 10:59 PMTags

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It's the gift that keeps giving!

Are you dying for your skinny/well-toned/just-too-physically-fit man to have some extra love to hold on to? Are you the man who has everything except for the highly coveted "Dad Bod" that the people of the Internet can't stop talking about? Well then the ultra-hip Dadbag may be for you.

A simple addition of the faux-tummy fanny pack to a simple outfit can transform any super skinny hipster to a dad of epic (body) proportions. 

Whether you are storing tall boys, need a place to put your over-sized headphones or you are just trying to spice a simple outfit up with a cool accessory, the Dadbag can do it all.

And even if you already have a dad bod, you can attach your adjustable Dadbag fanny pack on top of your pre-existing dad bod and now instead of just having a belly full of jelly, you can also have a belly full of treasures!

This item has all the makings of being a sure-fire hit next festival season. Get ready Coachella 2018, the Dadbag is coming for ya!

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Of course, the must-have accessory for the fall season isn't one size or style fits all. So fret not. The Dadbag comes in all shapes, colors and styles. 

Dadbag's range includes "The Allen" (just your average hairy white guy), "The Magnus" (with rolls aplenty), "The Derek" (for different ethnicities ), "The Wolfgang" (for the pasty man who spends too much time in the sun) and "The Sherman" (the extra hair edition). 

Sadly, according to the website, "The Dadbag is not yet available as I'm currently looking for production partners."

Fingers crossed this can be on your man in time for the holiday season. It's the perfect place to store your hot cross buns.

Nothing says "Tis the season" like a furry fanny pack.

Take a look-see and make the Dadbag happen!

Tall Boy

The Allen is a great place to store your cans of beer.

Keeping It Real

The perfect place to store your wallet when you hit up a farmers' market.

Cool Guy

Grab your Birks, your backward hat and your Dadbag, you've got an outfit to accessorize! 

Lean on Me

Some times in our lives we all have pain, we all have sorrow, but if we are wise...we will lean on the closest Mercedes-Benz we can find while rocking a Dadbag.

Shut Up and Drive

Who wants washboard abs when you can put on a Dadbag?

Phone Home

The Dadbag allows you to never be without your over-sized headphones.

Grass Is Always Greener

Wanna lay down in the grass but you want your iPhone with you? Thank the heavens for the Dadbag.

Break Time

Need a break from life's grueling demands? Pick a spot, unzip your Dadbag and refresh yourself.

The Allen

The classic look for the classic man.

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