Be extra careful about what you're sharing on social media.

The new iOS 11 update that was launched this week for the iPad and iPhone includes a screen recording feature which allows people to record what they're viewing on their screen. According to Mashable, people can do this by adding the screen sharing feature to their Control Center and then accessing it by swiping up to record whatever they're watching on their screen.

Which means, while watching a Snapchat video or looking at a photo, people can record what they're seeing. This can also be done for those sending messages on Instagram Direct.

Snapchat Logo


However, users have noticed that if you are using the screen recording feature and looking at someone's Snapchat, that person will be notified that you took a screenshot. So at least you'll be notified if someone is up to something with your Snapchat posts. The same cannot be said yet for Instagram Direct.

Snapchat is reportedly trying to fix the problem with an 10.17.5 update. But just make sure you're aware that whatever you're sending could always be saved.

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