Who knew wine could help with your workout?

Now, before you go replacing your H20 with merlot, please refer to Kate Hudson's Instagram feed to understand how this actually works. 

While you may be used to seeing the star on-screen, she's equally as talented on a yoga mat. The Fabletics cofounder is committed to motivating women to get active, but not without having a little fun. We've followed Kate try everything from pole dancing to booty belts, but her latest fitness post has got us more excited than ever to break a sweat. 

In a recent social media share, Kate throws it back to a bikini-clad moment where she's using bottles of rosé instead of dumbbells for various sets of arm workouts, captioning the video: "Sometimes you gotta to work for it!" There's no doubt this budding fitness guru is doing just that.

Kate's trainer, Nicole Stuart, kept the fun spirit of the routine alive, coaching the celeb with her own glass of the good stuff in hand. The trainer wrote on her personal Instagram: "[A] good reminder not to take things too seriously…also just because you're working out doesn't mean you can't have a glass of rosé...#moderation is the key." The pair sends an important message about the mental and physical benefits of fitness, which include released endorphins, reduced stress and positive self-image. So why shouldn't the path to getting there feel just as good?

This is one exercise style we can definitely get on board with.

From the looks of it, Kate's trainer had her start with an overhead press, holding her alternative weights with her arms in a goal post position and elbows open to the sides at shoulder level. The celeb then transitions into targeting her triceps by placing the wine above her head, elbows bent, then lifting her arms into the air for multiple reps. Next, Kate goes for some boozy bicep curls (while looking like a pro, might we add).

It's also worth noting that the actress was on vacation when this was filmed (she added the hashtag #MissYouGreece), proving that time away from home doesn't have to mean time off from your fitness routine. Especially when the core part of your night out could double as an essential element of a quick afternoon workout—no gym required.

We're ready for our next workout session. Who's bringing the alcohol?

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