Serena Williams Pens Emotional Letter of Admiration to Her Mom: "Thank You for Being the Role Model I Needed"

Athlete shares heartwarming message to her parent

By Samantha Schnurr Sep 19, 2017 6:54 PMTags

Serena Williams finally understands what it is like to be in her mother's shoes. 

After giving birth to her first child, daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian, Jr., earlier this month, the tennis pro has penned a heartwarming letter to her own mom about what it has been like to see life through through her point of view. 

"You are one of the strongest women I know," she began to mama Oracene Price in a letter published on The Washington Post's website. As the letter continued, Williams described the early physical likeness between her and her newborn. 

"She has my arms and legs! My exact same strong, muscular, powerful, sensational arms and body," the athlete continues. "I don't know how I would react if she has to go through what I've gone through since I was a 15 year old and even to this day."

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As the tone of the letter shifted, Williams recalled the times she was likened to a man because of her strong stature or false accusations that her performance on the court was the result of drugs. "But mom, I'm not sure how you did not go off on every single reporter, person, announcer and quite frankly, hater, who was too ignorant to understand the power of a black woman," she wrote. 

The empowering message continued, "I am proud we were able to show them what some women look like. We don't all look the same. We are curvy, strong, muscular, tall, small, just to name a few, and all the same: we are women and proud!"

Before signing off, the new mom had a few compliments for the special woman in her life. "You are so classy, I only wish I could take your lead. I am trying, though, and God is not done with me yet. I have a LONG way to go, but thank you," she said. "Thank you for being the role model I needed to endure all the hardships that I now regard as a challenges–ones that I enjoy. I hope to teach my baby Alexis Olympia the same, and have the same fortitude you have had."

As the tennis court champion concluded, "Your youngest of five, Serena."