"Project 70" Plans for Prince Charles' Transition to King Revealed

Inside the reports about tension in the royal family

By Jess Cohen Sep 15, 2017 11:19 PMTags

Is "Project 70" real? Well according to reports, it's real and happening right now.

The term Project 70 refers to Prince Charles' transition to become king and increase his royal involvement by his 70th birthday in November 2018. U.K.'s The Times reports, "Royal sources said that the prince's staff were keen to 'accelerate' plans to increase his involvement in key royal events by the time he reaches 70 in November next year."

The report continues, "Prince Charles's team is thought to want him to be more involved in occasions such as the Royal Maundy service, when the monarch distributes alms to pensioners on the day before Good Friday, and in Commonwealth events."

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Prince Charles has been an heir apparent since Feb. 1952 when Queen Elizabeth II was crowned. Now, 65 years later, Prince Charles still remains the heir apparent, but if he is ready to increase his royal involvement, a source tells The Times it would be "to show that he is the king in waiting."

However, despite reports about Project 70, Clarence House has denied its existence.

These claims come on the heels of reports that there's been increasing royal tension. Including claims that Prince Charles played a role in the firing of his mom's private secretary, Sir Christopher Geidt.

According to The Times report, Geidt ended his position with Queen Elizabeth after "complaints" from Prince Charles and Prince Andrew. The firing is now being called the "climax" in the strain between Buckingham Palace and Clarence House.

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A statement about the firing was made by Clarence House, Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace. The statement read, "While we never comment on the confidential employment details of individuals, it was previously announced in July that Sir Christopher Geidt is stepping down after ten years as private secretary. At the time of the announcement, the lord chamberlain paid tribute to the major contribution made by Sir Christopher, who in turn commended the support offered to Her Majesty by other members of the royal family. Recent years have seen an ever-closer working relationship between all the different royal households and their respective teams. The Prince of Wales and the entire royal family are committed to supporting the Queen in whatever way they can at Her Majesty's request. Beyond that, we are not going to engage with a story based on rumours from unnamed sources."