Justin Therouxdoesn't give a damn about his bad boy reputation

Between the pointed-toe combat boots, skintight denim and a seemingly endless collection of moto jackets, Jennifer Aniston's hubby definitely gives off an edgy vibe. So much so, that when E! News sat down with Theroux and Lego Ninjago Movie co-star Olivia Munn, she couldn't help but ask if his animated character was inspired by the IRL persona Justin gives off. 

"Were you ever a bad boy in real life?" Munn asked, to which Theroux responded, "No, I wasn't."

The actress agreed, telling E! News, "I've known him for a long time and he's always been such a nice person. He's a good guy."

Justin Theroux


Justin chimed in, "I get a bad rap sometimes for being a bad boy but I'm not really."

Munn attributes the image Theroux apparently evokes to rocking a leather jacket, which he just so happened to be wearing during our interview. "It's a jacket!" Justin said. "I ride a motorcycle, but it doesn't mean everyone's psychotic who does that."

As for Justin's chunky gold ring that says "Jennifer" across it, he also told us that doesn't necessarily make him a bad boy. 

"I've had that ring forever! Jen has one, too. She got one when we started going steady," he shared. Munn continued, "You can't be a bad boy when you get a matching ring."

For more from Justin and Olivia, including why she told Jen to "know her lane," watch the video above!

The Lego Ninjago Movie is out Sept. 22.

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