7 Easy Hairstyles to Complete Your Fall Outfits

Celebrity hairstylist César DeLeön Ramirêz pairs fall trends to easy hairstyles

By Alanah Joseph Sep 15, 2017 7:03 PMTags
ESC: Hairstyle by Outfit

You finally bought a fall piece that you love and adore. You've laid out the full outfit on the bed with your accessories and shoes. It looks amazing and you're going to slay the next day.

For most, it seems that you're done, but for celebrities and street style stars there's one more step: deciding your hairstyle.

Your hair has the potential to make your outfit more impactful or dull your look. Low ponytail, half-up, top bun—there are so many options when you're styling your hair on a day to day. So, how do you decide what looks best?

Cue Mizani Global Artistic Director César DeLeön Ramirêz, whose celebrity clients include Ciara, Rita Ora, Jennifer Hudson and Demi Lovato. When he meets his street style stunners, they normally have an outfit planned, and it's his job to create a style to match.

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"I generally see hairstyle as soon as I look at an outfit. It just flashes through my head," the beauty pro told E! News, after styling the hair for the Michael Costello SS18 runway show. "But to really make sure that the hair will work, I look at the construction of the clothes. If the collar is high or low, or if the material has embellishments or not, details like these can compete with loose hair. I then look at the overall style—is it elegant, edgy, cool girl, retro? Then, I'll decide to either complete the story of that look or contrast."

Based on our favorite trends, the celebrity hairstylist broke down how to complete your look this fall. Check out his hairstyle and outfit pairings below! 

Fall Trend: Oversized Sweaters

Comfortable, easy, warm—we're sure to see a lot of oversized sweaters this season. To be on trend, ditch the pants and go for fishnets, bare legs or knee-high boots. For your hair, César DeLeön Ramirêz says, "This look is effortless, I love the vibe of a messy low knot and sexy fly aways. 'Cool' shouldn't look like it was intended."

Fall Trend: Utilitarian Jumpsuits

Who doesn't love the ease of a jumpsuit? According to the celeb hairstylist, it looks best paired with a simple hairstyle: "This look is a bit androgynous. I'd love to see it paired with a strong side part, and clean low ponytail."

Fall Trend: Off-Shoulder Tops

"Everything about this look is right, the hair fits this vibe perfectly," he said. "Two low pigtails would have also worked to add a little more fun."

Fall Trend: PJ-Inspired Ensembles

"PJ's have been a trend this season, but for it to work, you must pair it with sexy, sultry hair and makeup," the pro recommended. The best hairstyle for the look: "I would have loved to see this with a semi-wet, pulled back style. The hair should be loose and messy with a little texture."

Fall Trend: Denim-on-Denim

More is more with denim this season. With its casual approach, the hair pro says a "a messy, crooked part" with the hair tucked looks best. "There is already so much going on, the hair should play second to this look," he told us.

Fall Trend: Florals

To make this feminine style impactful, "I'd style an off-centered side sweep secured with either crisscrossed bobby pins or a high-end designer barrette," he suggested. "Finish with a grungy-wave texture in the hair."

Fall Trend: Dusters

Good news: On a cold day, less is more. "I'd recommend pairing this with a super loose pony, with lots of loose, wispy pieces, and a clean center part," he said. "The style should feel free and yet kept in place to not interfere with the thicker fabric of the coat."

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