Wendy Williams Defends Her "Bikini Body": "I Got It Goin' On, Honey!"

"My belly is tight," the talk show host assures E! News

By Zach Johnson Sep 15, 2017 5:20 PMTags
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Wendy Williams has no time for the haters.

Before Season 9 of The Wendy Williams Show premieres Sept. 8, E! News visited her set in New York City to talk about the evolution of her weekday gabfest. "The set is still the same. The seat covers are still the same. My 'Hot Topics' setup is still the same. It's the same!" the 53-year-old host admitted. "But, I'm changing every year, because every year I feel more free and not tethered to this show. If you watch, you watch—I'm grateful. You don't? Eh! I'm going home. I'm pulling my blinds up and going home. I am not as suffocated by my career as I used to feel."

The show debuted in 2008, since then, Williams' life "has moved in so many different ways," she added. "That makes a looser lip. The looser I feel about myself, the more comfortable I am."

With her devil-may-care attitude, she promised Season 9 will feature "more invisible cigarettes, more inappropriate questions and more ridiculousness, 'cause that is the Wendy Williams way."

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But it wasn't all work and no play for the outspoken TV host.

Williams spent the last week of her summer vacation in Barbados. So, how was it?

"I don't know," Williams deadpanned. "You tell me."

During her trip, Williams and husband Kevin Hunter were caught by the paparazzi. "I've seen online people trying to diss my bikini body," she said. "I got it goin' on, honey! My belly is tight."

The couple goes on a "lovers' holiday" at least twice the year, meaning their 17-year-old son has to stay home. "It's just the two of us," Williams explained. "We were there for seven days."

Though Hurricane Irma was nearby, Williams said it was sunny every day. "I felt so guilty! Oh, my gosh! Oh, the guilt of it all!" she said. "I'm watching TV and seeing the hurricane. My parents live in Miami. My sister and my brother and their families live in Miami. They're driving and sheltering and scattering around, and I'm lying on the beach [smoking my invisible cigarettes]."

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