14 Things You Never Knew About Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

It feels like we know everything about the couple, but these fun facts that might surprise you

By Kendall Fisher Sep 15, 2017 2:26 AMTags

Today marks Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's fourth wedding anniversary, which feels super personal for us because they're our absolute favorite couple...like, ever.

The pair rang in their special day in London during a little bit of a break in the European leg of Legend's tour, and we're sure they did everything they absolutely love...you know, like eating, drinking and making fun of ridiculous tabloids.

After posting an adorable anniversary photo with her hubby, Teigen took to Instagram to mock one magazine cover for saying the pair is on "the brink of splitting."

Chrissy Teigen & John Legend's Cutest Pics

"Oh in touch go f--k yourselves," she wrote, adding, "You exclusively dumb pieces of trash."

LOL! And that is just one of the many reasons we love this duo—they're never afraid to be brutally honest.

Anniversa-date. Married 4 years today. Met 11 years ago yesterday. I love this woman deeply.

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In fact, it feels like we pretty know everything there is to know about Teigen and Legend. They're not the type to hide many things from their fans and followers, and they're together, like, all the time—awards shows, red carpets, concerts, you name it!

But despite how much they share with the public, there are actually some fun facts about them that may surprise you...

For example, though today marks their fourth wedding anniversary, did you know they've actually been together for 11 years?! Yes, 11. They met on the set of a music video in 2006.

But that's not all...

Launch the video above for more surprising things you probably never knew about Teigen and Legend!