Jennifer Lawrence is on a roll.

On the heels of her press tour for the film Mother, the actress appeared in a new trailer for an upcoming film called Red Sparrow—based on the book by Jason Matthews.

Here's a summary of the film based on its YouTube description:

After suffering an injury, Lawrence's character Dominika Egorova is forced to end her career as a ballerina. With her and her mother now facing an unclear future, she is manipulated into joining the Sparrow School—a Russian spy agency that trains people how to use their bodies, trickery and sex appeal to operate. 

"Young officers train to seduce and manipulate, to use their bodies, to use everything," a voiceover in the trailer says. "They call them Sparrows. That's what she is."

Red Sparrow Movie Poster

20th Century Fox

Lawrence's character goes through the school's "perverse and sadistic" training process, the film's description reads, and becomes "the most dangerous Sparrow the program has ever produced." She is tasked with operating against an American CIA agent and attempts to find the woman she used to be while maintaining her new power—putting herself and her loved ones in danger. 

The trailer opens up with Lawrence sitting on a bed in a red dress listening to a clock tick. The door then opens, and a man walks in. He sets down his phone and a wad of cash and orders Lawrence's character to "take off your dress." The next scene then shows a ruffling of curtains and the man being choked. Viewers then see Lawrence calmly walking down a flight of stairs.

The trailer also gives a sneak peek at what the Sparrow School looks like, what kind of training the recruits have to endure and what kind of actions Lawrence's character performs as an agent.

The film is directed by Francis Lawrence, who directed The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, as well as The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part One and Part Two. The movie also features actors Joel Edgerton, Matthias Schoenaerts, Charlotte RamplingMary-Louise Parker and Jeremy Irons.

Produced by 20th Century Fox, Red Sparrow is set to hit theaters March 2, 2018.

Watch the video to see the full trailer.

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