Carrie Underwood Only Works Out This Many Times a Week

She's balancing mom time and gym time

By Amanda Randone Sep 14, 2017 10:17 PMTags
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Carrie Underwood is cutting herself some slack.

The country-music icon—who also launched Calia, her own activewear line, in 2014—is getting real about balancing exercise with a hectic schedule. While she's still known as the celeb with the sexiest legs (and is looking amazing), the singer said she's no longer putting immense pressure on herself to hit the gym like she did three or four years ago.

"I used to work out six days a week," she told E! "But now that's a little rare, sometimes it's one or two times a week and that just kind of has to be ok. And it is ok because whatever I'm doing that's keeping me out of the gym is important."

Carrie Underwood's Best Looks

And what could be more important that being a mom to her adorable 2-year-old son, Isaiah Michael? Even though balancing family time, meetings and writing sessions has cut down how much Carrie can dedicate to her workout routine, sometimes she multitasks: her favorite workout buddy? Isaiah!

"He probably will, 90% of the time, wander into my workout session," the singer said. "But it's nice to be able to stop and give him a kiss."

And the singer's son isn't the only one who likes to crash her exercise routine. Carrie's husband, former professional hockey player Mike Fisher, also shows up to sweat it out—although he can't always keep up.

"Mainly, when we work out together, we're just working out in the same space," Carrie said. "But I will say, the other day I was doing the ab wheel… and later on that day, Mike said something like, ‘I'm not ready for the ab wheel yet.'"

Of course, he is newly retired from his hockey career, so Mike deserves some slack too, even if his wife could roll circles around him with an exercise machine.  

But the key to making it all work, according to Carrie, is that she's established her family as a priority before anything else—which is why she doesn't get worked up over a missed work out. Instead, she always finds time for date nights with her husband and mandatory family dinners.

But when she does hit the gym, Carrie targets those famous legs as her dominant muscle group. "I do a lot of squats, I do a lot of lunges, I do a lot of curtsy lunges, I do a lot of goblet squats, I use the leg press machine," she said.

The Grammy winner also said she lives in a hilly neighborhood, so she'll run and do lunges up those inclines as part of her routine.

We're getting tired just thinking about it.

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