James Corden Dresses Up as Pennywise in Hilarious It Spoof—and There's One More Creepy Surprise

Late-night host isn't the only creepy part of this spoof

By Samantha Schnurr Sep 14, 2017 1:03 PMTags
Terence Patrick/CBS

Did someone call for James Corden?

The late-night host hung up his typical suit for something a bit more scary. In a viral new spoof, the star put on his best Pennywise the Dancing Clown impression Wednesday night and stepped in for It—not I.T. There was clearly some confusion because when employee Tim was having problems with his server, they sent the clown instead of a technician.

"You called for me, Tim?" Corden asked sinisterly. Soon, the two realized why there was a mixup. "I see the problem—you've called the I.T. department and I'm It." Corden at least tried to make himself useful. "Have you tried rebooting the system?" he asked. 

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Terence Patrick/CBS

However, when Tim went to pull his passwords from his filing cabinet, Corden's head was in his drawer. Eek! "I'm helping you look for your passwords!" Corden explained. 

The scares only continued as Pennywise's signature red balloon started to rise into the air. "It was under there—I thought it might be blocking the Wi-Fi signal," the host reasoned. Tim did exactly what he wasn't supposed to do when he popped the balloon and blood splattered all over him. "Everyone knows you don't pop a murderous clown's balloon," the star noted. 

Tim finally had enough and called the operator for the real I.T. Department. Unfortunately, the scares had only just begun. Soon, Freddy Krueger popped up. Turns out the serial killer has a degree in computer sciences. 

"I'm trying to turn over a new leaf," the villain explained. Unfortunately, he hasn't entirely let go of his slashing ways because he ripped into the computer and threw all of the equipment on the floor. 

"That should do it," he quipped before heading off to lunch with Corden. 

All we can say is: poor Tim!