Drake's Security Guard Once Wrestled Shawn Mendes

Don't mess with the "Hotline Bling" artist's bodyguard

By Elyse Dupre Sep 14, 2017 12:14 PMTags

Drake has a lot of fans, including Shawn Mendes.

On Wednesday's episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Fallon asked the "Stitches" singer if he ever gets starstruck around certain celebrities. Mendes said he does, including around his fellow Canadian artist Drake.

"Drake was just like the God because I'm from Toronto and meeting him was like this really crazy thing" Mendes told the host.

In fact, Mendes recently had a funny encounter with Drake and shared the story with the audience. Mendes spotted Drake at a show starring The Weeknd in Toronto. Because he had met the "Hotline Bling" performer before—"like twice," he said—he decided to say hello.

"He's a huge guy, right?" Mendes explained. "So, you don't just go over to him—I guess not."

But just as Mendes reached out to touch Drake's side and say hello, Drake's "six-foot-six, 300 pound" security guard grabbed the "Treat You Better" singer.

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"Next thing I know, I'm, like, in the middle of The Weeknd show with, like, my arm hooked behind my back, like, with his, Drake's, security guard, like, has me just completely at his mercy."

Ha. "Mercy." Like the song. Good one, Mendes.

Then, Drake looked over to see what was going on and spotted Mendes.

"And in my eyes, I knew it was like, ‘Help me please, Drake,'" Mendes said, knowing that it would be embarrassing if the singer didn't know who he was. 

Thankfully, Drake did recognize the singer and told his security guard to stop. However, Mendes doesn't hold any hard feelings toward the security guard.

"For the security guard's sake, he was doing his job....But still, I was terrified," he said. "Don't expect everybody to know who you are."

Watch the video to hear the whole story.