Jennifer Lawrence, Self-Appointed Real Housewives Producer, Says Her "Stomach Dropped" Over Luann de Lesseps' Divorce

"One of the stars' fate is kind of in my kinds, so..." she tells Jimmy Fallon

By Zach Johnson Sep 13, 2017 12:05 PMTags

Jennifer Lawrence has been moonlighting as a Real Housewives producer...or so she thinks. When the mother! actress appeared on NBC's The Tonight Show Tuesday, Jimmy Fallon revealed they have something in common: "I'm obsessed...Bravo is on in my household 24/7."

"I am a...I guess, kind of a producer of all of the Real Housewives. Andy Cohen and I...I would call us colleagues," Lawrence explained. "I get really passionate, and I give him a lot of advice."

Fallon said he has given Cohen notes, too—but they're nowhere near as detailed as Lawrence's suggestions. "Do you text him? Do you make a difference in the show like me?" the 27-year-old actress told the host with a laugh. "One of the stars' fate is kind of in my kinds, so...not to brag."

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Lawrence watches just about every iteration of the franchise. "With Beverly Hills, my friends and I have a drinking game any time Lisa Rinna says her husband's full name: Harry Hamlin. Have you guys ever noticed that? She always goes, 'Harry Hamlin's on his way!'" she said. "So, we have a drinking game for that." Late last month, after New York City's Luann de Lesseps announced her not-so-surprising divorce from Tom D'Agostino after a mere seven months of marriage, Lawrence went into a full-blown panic. "I was horrified and shocked my stomach dropped because I realized that I had just seen the reunion, which means they aren't filming." So, she put on her producer hat and got in touch with Cohen. "I texted Andy and I was like, 'Get a camera in [Ramona Singer]'s face right now!' I also told him to show the moment in the Berkshires where [Bethenny Frankel] cries and goes, 'I just don't think your guy is a good guy!'"

"Anyway," Lawrence joked, "it's hard to explain the ways of producing if you're not a producer."

After promoting mother!, Lawrence then challenged Fallon to an axe throwing contest. "I went to a bar with one of my brothers in Kentucky called Flying Axes...I had a lot of fun, so I thought we would have fun," she explained. "I just really don't want you to win. Ugh. I don't want that."

Following a commercial break, the two put on their safety goggles and the completion commenced. Each player would get 10 points for the head, five points for the body, two points for the legs and one point for the hands. The person with the most points at the end would win.

Fallon's first attempt was a swing and a miss. "We just killed a stage manager," he joked. His second throw hit the figure's groin. "Can we take that off?" he asked. "He's got a lot of wood." Lawrence wasn't having much luck. "I feel like I should just keep throwing it 'til I win," she said.

To see who won the game, watch the video.

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