We wouldn't call any season of American Horror Story "easy to watch," but this season is truly pushing it. 

Prior to this watching the first few episodes of this season, we didn't think we had any phobias, but now we're seeing clowns everywhere (literally thought we saw a clown walking a dog the other day, but it was just a man in a hat) and clusters of holes have become nauseating. Add to that the fact that this season is taking real life events and throwing them all at us in quick succession, and we're completely sleep-free. 

It probably wasn't anyone's intention to give us new fears through this TV show, but should it be considered an accomplishment for a show with "horror' in the title? We don't know, but at the very least everyone behind AHS can rest easy knowing how uneasily everyone else is resting, all thanks to Sarah Paulson and a bunch of terrible masks. 

Sarah Paulson, American Horror Story: Cult


Tonight's big "holy s--t" moment was one we saw coming a mile away, but that did not make it any less effective. After the power went out throughout the neighborhood, Ally's (Paulson) level of fear was at its most intense, but Ivy (Alison Pill) had to stay at the restaurant and couldn't go home to comfort her wife. 

So she sent poor Pedro with a box of candles and other supplies, but with Ally's cell phone dead, there was no way to warn her he was coming. When he arrived, Ally shot and killed him through the steel screen door, right in front of Ozzy. 

American Horror Story: Cult, Evan Peters


While we contemplate how very very very bad that development was, let's talk about some of the other standout moments from the episode. 

Nope: Clown in the bed. We simply refuse to start waking up thinking there are clowns in our bed. How dare you, Ryan Murphy. 

Nope: Every single thing Winter did in this episode, from baiting that poor kid to seducing Ally in the bathtub to leaving her alone just when things got really bad, is pissing us off. 

Nope: Ozzy's real name is Ozymandias and we can't

Nope but also yes: Billy Eichner and Leslie Grossman as Harrison and Meadow, a couple of married Nicole Kidman fans, except he's gay and she doesn't like to be touched due to skin cancer. He also keeps bees and a lot of guns, and Etsy is her life and she can't drink lemonade without thinking of Beyonce. 

American Horror Story: Cult


Nope: Dead guy hanging in the walk in freezer! Though we 100% guessed that was going to happen eventually when we saw that this show had a walk in freezer. 

Nope: Every single thing about Kai is gross and we can't say we're excited to see what his cult is like. 

In fact, we don't know if "excited" is the word to describe our feelings about any of this. We're obviously going to watch the whole season and fawn over Paulson's acting skills and have fun kvetching about clowns, but we're going to be very unnerved while we do it. 

American Horror Story: Cult airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on FX. 

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