It Star Bill Skarsgård Is Hot AF and Now We're Reevaluating Our Relationship With Creepy Clowns

Turns out the actor who plays the world's creepiest dancing clown is quite the looker

By Meg Swertlow Sep 12, 2017 2:38 AMTags
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Come out and play? Okay, we will! 

It: Chapter One's Pennywise might be the stuff of nightmares, but underneath all the makeup, hair and fangs, the real-life actor who plays the menacing clown, Bill Skarsgård, could be in a boy band with those dreamy good looks.

So now that we know that (and you do too), here are 5 reasons why it's okay for you (and the rest of the world) to think that the creepy clown is a total undercover hottie:

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1. He's Swedish: The 27-year-old actor was born in Vällingby, Sweden, which means he's Swedish—which means he's got a cool accent. This may be the only time we'd swap a Swedish fish for a Swedish clown.

2. He's Still Creepy AF Without Makeup: Hey look at this face Bill made a few days ago. Creepy AF, right? It may even be creepier than his turn as white face-wearing, sewer-dwelling clown who lures kiddos to certain death. But like even though he's making that creepy AF face, he's still kinda sexy, right?

3. He's Got an A-List Family: Talent runs deep in the Skarsgård gene pool. His dad is the always dramatic Thor actor Stellan Skarsgård, one of his brothers is the ever-so-hunky Alexander Skarsgård and another is Vikings actor Gustav Skarsgård. Coming over for a family dinner just got pretty damn sexy.

4. He's One in a Million: Well actually, he's one in eight. He has seven brothers and sisters. The big brood is kind of like the Von Trapp family but not Austrian and not singers.

5. Even His Co-Stars Wanna Kiss Him: When a journalist asked the film's young co-stars if in order to get out of situation they'd rather, "Eat a booger pizza or kiss Pennywise on the mouth?" Along with the rest of the cast, Jack Dylan Grazer gave an emphatic answer of: "Kiss Pennywise on the mouth!" He then answered: "Bill Skarsgård is gorgeous!"

We hear ya, kiddo, and we feel ya.

And just to reiterate the point: if even the kids you are trying to eat wanna make out with you, you've clearly got something good going on.

6. He's Got Job Security: Bill's signed on to play Pennywise the Dancing Clown (yeah, that's really the character's full name) for It: Chapter Two, which is due out in 2019, so he's getting a paycheck for at least another two years.