Busy Philipps' Flipped Ovary Sends Her to the Emergency Room

“Last night ended super weird,” the actress explains on Instagram paired with a hospital bed photo

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Over(y) it.

Busy Philipps rushed herself to the emergency room in Boston Saturday night after feeling intense discomfort in her lower abdomen.  "Last night ended super weird," she started to explain on Instagram. "I had a crazy excruciating pain in my lower right side and after a long time at Mass Gen, it was determined my ovary had flipped over."

The actress clarified that she had an ovarian torsion—or, a flipped ovary. Pictured laying in a hospital bed with an IV in her arm, she ironically wore a shirt that read "hysterical female"—hysteria having been a historical mental disorder said to affect women due to their, you guessed it, ovaries.

Michelle Williams and Busy Philipps' Are Friendship Goals

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Philipps got out easy, as her ovary flipped itself back into place without the help of doctors. In some cases women who are affected need surgery or to have the whole thing removed.

There is a lesson in this, she said: You should always go to the doctor, despite how small symptoms may seem. "I felt like an idiot for going to the hospital but ultimately, going was the right move! It always is! Even if they say you're fine and send you on your way!" she said.

Earlier that night, Philipps celebrated the 37th birthday of long-time friend Michelle Williams and the pair commemorated their friendship with matching leather jackets, each with one half of a "Best Friends" broken heart painted on the back.

The Dawson's Creek alum also gave us a little bit of nostalgia when posting a photo of the duo sitting on the dock captioned, "WHERE YOU AT DAWSON? #wedontwanttowaitforourlivestobeover"

Where's Katie Holmes when you need her?