Watch This BBC News Anchor Hilariously Fail and Then Masterfully Recover on Live Television

Tom Donkin has quite a harrowing time before delivering his news update

By Meg Swertlow Sep 10, 2017 11:13 PMTags

Do as the Brits do: keep calm and carry on...

The English are known for their grace under pressure and despite a serious flub that's just what BBC News anchor Tom Donkin showed the world when he made a rather glaring gaff at the beginning of his 2 A.M. bulletin on Saturday.

So what exactly happened: it appears as though the cameras were rolling before Donkin was stationed at his spot, which, when he realized his error, then caused him across the stage and out of frame. Seconds (which felt like hours) later, the newsman finally came back in frame and set up to deliver the news only to realize he was looking at the wrong camera.

Despite the series of unfortunate events the anchor finally managed to give his update without so much a sigh (but a definite and unmistakable oh-my-god look).

Eventually, Donkin calmly says to the camera, "Hello and Welcome. Hurricane Irma has cut a devastating path across the Caribbean..."

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Donkin, who has been with the BBC for nine years, seems to have dusted himself off again, understanding that anything can happen in the wild world of live TV.

Of course the Internet has been having a field day with his blunder and as a result Donkin's been getting tweeted up a storm. 

In response to some cheeky comments, Donkin tweeted, "Live TV mate, anything can happen."

Explaining to another follower what had happened, he also wrote, "Bit of a perfect storm mate of camera fail—this stuff happens with live TV. Never had so much attention albeit odd attention."

To another follower, he joked, "Thanks for tuning in apart from some haywire cameras and lost guest - all went swimmingly!"

Keep calm and have a sense of humor!