The season is changing, so your wardrobe will, too. 

The good news is that you don't need to buy new clothes to be a street style star. You can wear your summer wardrobe—just in a different way. Take denim, for instance. The trends we loved the last three months—destroyed denim, cropped hemlines, large cuffs—are wearable in fall with a few styling updates.

Morgan Stewart has the recipe for success.

"I think denim, for sure, is a cool girl uniform," she revealed over cocktails at Beauty & Essex in Los Angeles. "I feel like no matter where you go, you can wear a great pair of denim and pair it up with where ever you are, temperature wise, and look cool."

While sipping on her fall-inspired cocktail, courtesy of bartender Kevin Shayeghi, the star revealed a lot more. Offering a very honest perspective on celebrity street style, she shared her must-know styling tips and things to avoid. 

Make our host's Beauty & Essex signature cocktail and join in on the conversation! Watch Happy Hour With Morgan Stewart above!

ESC: Happy Hour With Morgan Stewart


"The Woodsman," courtesy of Beauty & Essex

2 scoops of pear puree
1/4 ounce of lemon
1/2 ounce of All Spice Maple Spice
2 ounces of Maker's 46 Bourbon
An apple chip

Step 1: Shake and strain into a glass with ice
Step 2: Garnish with an apple chip

Now, you can wear your summer denim any time, any where.

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