Eric Decker and Jessie James Decker Reminisce About Her Pregnancy: "I Picked a Good Man to Make Babies With!"

Eric & Jessie stars discuss first pregnancy

By Vannessa Jackson Sep 12, 2017 3:00 PMTags
Watch: Jessie James Decker Says Her Mom Is a "Really Hot Grandma"

The good old days! 

These two do not like spending time away from each other! On Wednesday's episode of Eric & JessieEric Decker and Jessie James Decker have a sweet video chat and remember the fun they had when Jessie was pregnant with their first child Vivianne

"You look so hot," Jessie said. "Do you ever get tired of me telling you that all the time? It's gonna get to your head soon." Of course who would get tired of that!? "I never do. Keep it coming," Eric shared. "I picked a good man to make babies with," Jessie joked.  


"I sure did get big though when I was pregnant," Jessie recalled. "You liked that extra meat on me didn't you? A lot more things to grab," Jessie joked. There is basically no topic that this couple can't make extra adorable! 

They might be one of the sexiest couples on the planet but they're mom and dad first! "The babies are good with mom, I've been Facetiming with them all day," Jessie shared. "They're having so much fun!" But it may be Jessie's mom who is having the most fun pretending to be a young mother again! 

"She's a really hot grandmother. People think Vivi is her daughter," Jessie shared. "You know what else happens? She doesn't correct them," Jessie shared. "They go, 'Your daughter is so cute,' and she goes, 'Thank you.'"

See the adorable moment in the clip above!