Scenario: Let's say you have somewhere important to be (a hot date or a post-work happy hour perhaps), but you don't have quite enough time to squeeze in a fresh blowout.

Branded: Tresemme, Creatures of Comfort

Getty Images for TRESemme

For girls on the go it happens all too often, but thankfully there's a rad new runway style that you can do at home.

If you caught a glimpse of the no-fuss look at the Creatures of Comfort NYFW runway show, you know exactly the natural-looking texture we're referring to. Even better news: We're about to show you how to get that look, with only a little bit of work. 

Don't get us wrong: This is an undeniably high-fashion look, but it's insanely wearable in real life. That's because it doesn't matter what length your hair is or what texture you have. 

Branded: Tresemme, Creatures of Comfort

Getty Images for TRESemme

And did we mention it's an ideal solution for days when you don't want to use any hot tools?

Seriously, as long as you work in some mousse, like TRESemmé ‘s Extra Hold Mousse, to play up your hair's natural texture and finish with some hairspray, like TRESemmé's Extra Hold Hairspray, to lock in the look, you'll be more than equipped to recreate this runway hairstyle–no stylist needed. 

For the step-by-step tutorial from TRESemmé stylist Justine Marjan, watch the video above!

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