Somebody call the tooth fairy because Pink's daughter Willow Sage Hart finally lost that tooth.

The singer told E! News that her six-year-old daughter had a loose tooth on the red carpet for the 2017 MTV VMAs.

"She is going to lose her tooth any second," Pink said, wincing when her daughter wiggled it back and forth.

Pink even shared that she tried to pull the tooth out herself a few weeks ago but was unsuccessful.

"She let me tie dental floss around it a couple weeks ago, but then I screwed it up and it didn't work," she said. "And now, she won't let me do it."

But at her Apple Music concert last night, Pink told the audience that the tooth finally came out. She also admitted that she faced a bigger dilemma: determining how much the tooth fairy should pay for the tooth.

Pink joked that she wasn't sure how much kids received from the tooth fairy these days due to inflation. She recalled that she got 50 cents from her mother when she was young.

"I don't know, my mom was a drunk...Whoa, that took a turn," she said. 

Thankfully, the tooth fairy settled upon a price. Pink told the audience that Willow received $5 and a marshmallow.

It looks like Willow is willing to cash in on this deal, too. Pink said that she received a text from her daughter, who now has two more loose teeth, that read "I got $10 in my mouth now," which might explain the following Instagram post.

Hahahahaha somebody's feeling the tooth fairy #golddigger #wigglewiggle #inflation

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While pulling loose teeth may not be her favorite job, there's no denying that Pink loves being a mom. At the 2017 MTV VMAs, where she was awarded the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, Pink told an inspiring story about her reaction to her daughter telling her, "I am the ugliest girl I know" and "I look like a boy with long hair."

The singer explained that she went home and created a PowerPoint presentation of "androgynous rock stars and artists that lived their truth." Michael Jackson, David Bowie, George Michael and Elton John were just a few names on her list.

Pink then explained that people have criticized her for being "too masculine" or "too strong." Despite all of this, the artist said she hasn't changed how she presents herself and has continued to thrive, like selling out "arenas all over the world," by being her true self.

"So, baby girl, we don't change," she said during her acceptance speech. "We take the gravel and the shell, and we make a pearl. And we help other people to change so that they can see more kinds of beauty."

"Raise Your Glass" to this awesome mom.

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