Bachelor in Paradise's Amanda Stanton Reveals the Truth Behind Her Split From Robby Hayes

Reality star admits she doesn't think her former beau was ready for a relationship

By Kendall Fisher Sep 07, 2017 5:17 PMTags
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As E! News confirmed this morning, Amanda Stanton and Robby Hayes broke up following their brief romance on Bachelor in Paradise.

Now, we can reveal exactly what led to Stanton, 27, to calling things off with the "social media influencer" (as Hayes, 28, described himself on BIP).

"We got home from the show, and we decided to give it a shot," Stanton told us at the filming for the BIP reunion special. "He asked me to be his girlfriend, and after that, he never really treated me like I was his girlfriend. He was still going out with his friends all the time, and he kept going MIA for a few days. It was just a confusing situation."

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Still, Stanton doesn't blame him for that.

"I don't think that he did anything wrong," she said. "I just think that he's not ready for a relationship. I'm just in a place in my life where I am ready for a relationship, and I want a relationship. It just wasn't meant to be. I wish him the best though."

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In fact, Stanton said she tried chatting with Hayes before the reunion so as to be on the same page and avoid any awkwardness.

"The last couple weeks I tried talking to him, and I was like 'Hey, I think we should be on the same page.' But like I said, he's very hard to get a hold of. He never really calls me when he says he's going to...And he just never called me."

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Stanton also chatted with us at the Bachelor Charity party for the Restore Dignity organization at Tiato restaurant in Santa Monica last night where she mentioned they haven't reached a friendly point just yet following the split.

"I'm totally open to being friends with him. I don't have any hard feelings towards him," she said. "It's a little frustrating as a girl, and I think a lot of girls can relate to putting all your effort into somebody and maybe them not doing the same and kind of feeling like you wasted your time."

She continued, "I think there's so much to relationships, and I'm just at this point in my life, where I'm like it's OK...I don't want any awkward tension between anybody. So I hope we can be friends."