Miley Cyrus Gives Ellen DeGeneres a Lesson on Millennials

Food photos and musical festivals are just a few topics of the topics they covered

By Elyse Dupre Sep 07, 2017 12:30 PMTags

Miley Cyrus taught Ellen DeGeneres how to feel "Younger Now."

The TV host invited the singer onto The Ellen DeGeneres Show to help her better understand millennials.

"One thing people my age don't understand are millennials," DeGeneres, 59, said, "and I don't like ignorance. So, I want us all to be open and try to understand one another. So, I asked one of my friends to help me bridge the gap between millennials and my generation."

In a segment the host referred to as "Mileyennial," DeGeneres asked Cyrus, 24, a series of questions about the younger generation. Here are a few things they covered:

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Millennials taking pictures of their food on Instagram:

"Food photos are just kind of like a celebration of life," Cyrus explained. "I think we take, you know, food for granted and a photo helps remind us of the beauty that's in front of us every single day."

Cyrus told DeGeneres that she shared her own food photo this summer to celebrate the fact that she's vegan.

DeGeneres replied, "I am also vegan, and I should have bragged about it. I could have gotten over 500,000 likes. I didn't know that."

Millennials liking musical festivals:

DeGeneres questioned the "Malibu" singer on why millennials like "dirty" festivals when they're so "hot and crowded."

"For a lot of people, it's about being seen," Cyrus said. "Everybody goes. There's tons of celebrities there, you know."

Always quick to respond, DeGeneres asked, "So if someone posted a picture of themself at Coachella with food, Instagram would just burst into flames?"

The TV host also asked Cyrus if people always seemed so happy at these festivals because they're "high on life," to which Cyrus responded with a smile, "Definitely."

Millennials coming up with new dance moves:

From the Dab to the Whip Nae Nae, millennials are constantly coming out with the latest dance craze. DeGeneres asked Cyrus if there was a new millennial move that she could show her. So, Cyrus busted out her version of the "Ellen."

To watch the two dance and see other millennial lessons, check out the video.