See Inside Emma Stone and Steve Carell's New Movie, Battle of the Sexes

The actress is taking on a marquee role as tennis player Billie Jean King.

By Seija Rankin Sep 07, 2017 4:00 PMTags

This fall, audiences will be impressed by Emma Stone for a completely different reason than ever before. The actress wows in every role, whether she's tap dancing in La La Land, performing stunts in The Amazing Spider-Man or going straight-up crazy in Birdman. But that was all about Stone's acting—come September 22, she's getting the chance to show off her athletic prowess. 

Battle of the Sexes is much-anticipated movie about what was a marquee moment for tennis fans and the women's movement in general. It follows a match between Bobby Riggs, a notorious sexist in the tennis industry, and Billie Jean King, who he challenged to a high-stakes match on the world's stage, simply because he thought it was impossible to be beat by a woman. (And yes, if all of this sounds disturbingly similar to some of the things that Serena Williams has endured as of late, that's because it is disturbingly similar). 

At the time, King had just come off winning three Grand Slam tournaments the year prior, whereas Riggs was an ex-champ and what can only be described as a serial gambler. The match turned into something not unlike the fanfare that surrounds huge boxing matches today; after all, it's kind of hard to keep your eyes off of a professional sports game in which one of the players is wearing a jacket sponsored by Sugar Daddy (and yes, that was Riggs). 

The flick also stars Steve Carell as Riggs (short-shorts and all), as well as actors like Sarah SilvermanBill Pullman and Elisabeth Shue. Check out an exclusive sneak peek of the flick below and then mark your calendars. 

Steve Carell, as Bobby Riggs, does the can-can with his own cheerleaders. 

Carell waves to fans at the main event. 

Emma Stone, as Billie Jean King, arrives in Houston with her team. 

Andrea Riseborough plays Marilyn Barnett, a woman who had an affair with Billie Jean, and Austin Stowell plays Larry King, Billie's husband.

Jessica McNamee, as Margaret Court, at the end of a match against Carell. 

Sarah Silverman plays Gladys Heldman, the founder of World Tennis magazine. 

Heldman (and her magazine) was a huge supporter of Billie Jean in the match against Riggs. 

Emma Stone looking every bit the part of Billie Jean King. 

One of Battle of the Sexes' love scenes.