How to Achieve Front-Row Status During Fashion Week

Get in the mind of the A-list celebs

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For celebrities, fashion week isn't just about watching the spectacle of the runway. Attracting the world's biggest VIPs, it marks a unique opportunity to determine who's who in Hollywood. 

In the mind of an up-and-coming celebrity, there is one goal: Score a front row seat next to a fashion heavy hitter like Anna WintourTracee Ellis Ross, Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner, then get photographed in that moment. You can find these industry veterans at the biggest shows (think: Tom Ford and Oscar de la Renta), wearing clothes custom made by the respective designer (because they're one of the designer's muses). Despite the "you can't sit with us"-like vibe, it's not impossible to join this elite fashion club.

Why would a movie star want to be in the club? The red carpet. Developing relationships with sought-after designers is extremely helpful when planning out an award-season wardrobe. A large majority of the dresses on the carpet come from the runway, and it isn't uncommon that multiple celebs fall in love with the same garment. 

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If you're a B-list celebrity and you want to the front row, you'll need some professional help from Hollywood. Managers, agents and stylists hold the key to celebrity success. How do they do it? We found a pro to give us the inside scope.

Cue Jack Ketsoyan of EMC Bowery, an agency that has worked with Lala Anthony, Paris HiltonKristin Cavallari and many more. The veteran publicist knows how to make it in Hollywood, recently turning his journey from fact to fiction in the book Blind Item, co-written by Kevin Dickinson. The story follows Ohio native and assistant publicist Nicola as she experiences celebrity as an insider, covering up scandal and elevating stars. It's juicy. 

Lucky for us, Jack is giving us the real-life breakdown of what it takes to make it to the front row. Take notes! 


Before you can become front-row royalty, you must prove you have advanced taste. This is where your stylist comes in and matches your personal style to designer clothes. They play a crucial role. 

"Style can make or break a celebrity," Jack told E! News. His recommendation for finding the best match: "You have to look at the other clients that the stylist is styling and see if they have the pull or the contacts to get the best designer clothes."


"The street style photos are more for bloggers and influencers now," the veteran publicist said comparing influencers and celebrities. While shots out-and-about don't elevate your celebrity, photos from the front row do play a part.


Before you can sit down and take pictures, you need to get on the invite list. "The best way to score a seat is to befriend the fashion PR girls that run all the lists, so they can get you the seat you need," he revealed. Networking is key.


Here's the thing: You want the best seat at the best show. Any ol' seat won't do. 

"You want to be at the show that draws the A-list girls, so that you can get into the fashion pages," he mentioned. "Sitting with It Girls or sitting next to big time editors, such as Anna Wintour, is necessary if you want to become well-known in the fashion world."


This is how you know you've made it: "If you are wearing a designer that custom made an outfit for you specially for the show, then you have made the inner circle."


When your parents already have developed relationships with fashion houses, it makes everything else a bit easier.


Love it or hate it, your love life matters. Jack revealed that the fastest way to the front row: "Date an A-list movie star, the right director or a studio head." Although it's a bit disheartening, there's certainly a lot of truth.


If you stand out, it makes everything easier. Difference works to your advantage. If your difference comes with a host of social issues (i.e. race, religion, sexual orientation), standing up for what you believe in may not elevate your celebrity, but it will separate you from the crowd.

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