We've got some bad news to report, Bachelor Nation.

Despite completely stealing every scene this season on Bachelor in Paradise from behind the bar, Wells Adams will NOT be the next Bachelor. "Wells is not #TheBachelor ... But you're getting warmer!" franchise creator Mike Fleiss tweeted on Tuesday.

Go on, take a moment to grieve what could have been. We'll wait. 

Not as upset as we are over the news that Wells, a radio DJ in Nashville, will not be the Bach? Wells, himself, who we caught up with at the taping of Bachelor in Paradise's reunion special, which airs after the finale on Monday, Sept. 11. 

Wells Adams, Danielle Maltby


"Do you think that I could do that?! Honestly?!" Wells said when we asked if we would ever be ready to take on the lead role. "Does anything about me scream 'American heartthrob'?"

Well, according to Twitter, it does! 

So does this mean he's ready to finally pursue a romance with good friend Danielle Maltby, who he kissed for the first time just as she was leaving Paradise to go work with kids in Kenya, causing a huge social media reaction from fans. 

"It's a hard question to answer," Wells admitted about their current status. "We haven't had a moment to sit back and be like, 'Whoa, what happened? How do we feel about this?' Going forward, in terms of romantically, we don't know yet." 

And Wells has a message for the vocal Wells-Danielle shippers out there: 

"It's also a weird thing when everyone else is trying to make you do something...like, 'Twitter, shut up!' Like, let's go get coffee, relax." 

To hear more from Wells about why he doesn't think he could be the next Bachelor, watch the video above.

Bachelor in Paradise's finale airs Monday, Sept. 11 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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