Ranking Our Top 5 Picks for the Next Bachelor Based Upon Their Instagram Pics

Here's how the best contenders stack up on social media

By Kendall Fisher Sep 06, 2017 2:00 AMTags

Who in the world will be the next star of The Bachelor?

If you're a fan of the ABC series, you've been constantly refreshing your news feed over the last few days, anxiously awaiting the big announcement with hopes that your No.1 pick will get his opportunity at love once more.

While many of you hoped to see Dean Unglert—from Rachel Lindsay's season of The Bachelorette as well as the current season of Bachelor in Paradise—handing out roses next season, the 26-year-old has already confirmed he's not ready for marriage quite yet.

Then there's been talks about the final two contestants from Rachel's season: Peter Kraus and Eric Bigger.

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Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss hinted that Peter may not see the lead role due to his hesitation about marriage, which we saw play out on the Bachelorette. And thus, Eric seems like the better pick.

But perhaps it's none of the above.

Bachelor Nation has been wondering about fan favorites like Wells Adams—who looked for love on Jo Jo Fletcher's season of The Bachelorette and then came back on BIP as the bartender‍ this summer—as well as Kenny King—who decided to walk away from things with Rachel in order to be with his daughter.

As Fleiss tweeted our earlier today, nothing's off the table, and the options seem endless.

So as we continue to wait, we decided to rank our top choices for the role (even if we know they won't take it—cough cough—Dean)...and we did it all based upon their Instagram pictures.

Check it out in the video above!