How Baby Asahd Helped DJ Khaled Overcome His ''Only Fear'' of Flying

Rapper and music producer opens up about the 10-month-old's impact on his life

By McKenna Aiello Sep 02, 2017 12:00 AMTags
Watch: How DJ Khaled's Son Helped Him Get Over His Only Fear

DJ Khaled has his 10-month-old son to thank for helping him conquer a lifelong fear. 

The rapper and music producer hadn't flown on an airplane for 10 years until baby Asahd Tuck Khaled gave him the motivation to address his anxiety once and for all. He sat down with E! News' Sibley Scoles to open up about fatherhood and the impact Asahd has had on his life. 

"That's the only fear I had in my life," DJ Khaled explained, "just being in a plane and if there's any turbulence. I just didn't feel comfortable. I had a lot of bad anxiety and he helped me overcome that."

He continued, "Anytime I was on the road, I would fly him and I would take the bus. My son's on the plane, but I'm driving [and] taking two to three days to get somewhere and I'm saying to myself, 'My son can fly. I gotta fly.'"

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DJ Khaled said he could tell his little guy was upset when the pair couldn't travel together. 

The music personality then recalled, "The other day he said, ‘Dada. Dada.' It really touched my heart and put tears in my eyes. I had to go on the road and when I would FaceTime him, he knew I'd be gone. So I'm like, ‘You know what? We're going to start flying together.'"

"So he definitely helped me overcome my fear."

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Since his birth last October (which Khaled documented on Snapchat, of course), baby Asahd has already amassed a huge fan base that loves seeing him on the red carpet and when he joins pops onstage. 

So what does DJ Khaled envision for his son's future? "He just loves the shows, a lot of people," he shared. "He feels the fan love. I'm glad he really likes it because I can see him pursuing whatever career he wants. I support him, but I know it's gonna be big and he's going to be a big mogul."

Not to mention all those stylish ensembles, which Khaled said is mom Nicole Tuck's work of art. "I'm responsible for all the Jordans, the white tees and the shorts," he dished. "But when you see him in the Gucci suits and all that fly stuff, that's Mama Asahd. My queen."

Aside from parenting, he's partnered with Mentos Gum for the #SamHasMentosGum campaign to surprise an unsuspecting college freshman with a chance to put on a free concert with a performance from DJ Khaled himself.

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