Friends, Kitchen

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What's the best TV show of all time?

It's an impossible question, and one that incites debate among fans everywhere. 

From Pheobe's lobster theory in Friends to Megan's performance of "Zou Bisou Bisou" in Mad Men, there are countless moments from TV history that remain with us forever. But it's not just the lovable characters and unforgettable plot twists that stay with us—it's the kitchens, bedrooms and hang-out spots that become so familiar to us, we start to feel like we're part of the show.

We spent so much time watching meals, squabbles, parties and milestones occur in Monica Geller's kitchen—it feels like we've gone looking for leftovers in that classic white fridge ourselves. The set design of your favorite shows is more important than you might realize, and plays a central role in how we remember our favorite characters and episodes. 

Check out these six shows that are iconic for a very unexpected (but crucial!) reason: their set design. You can also scroll through and shop some home décor items inspired by your favorite TV series to really let that on-screen vibe come to life. 

Don Draper, Mad Men House


ESC: Madmen3

ESC: Madmen2

ESC: madmen1

Sabrina, the Teenage Witch Bedroom

Randy Holmes/ABC via Getty Images

ESC: Sabrina3

ESC: Sabrina2

ESC: Sabrina1

Renata Klein Home, Big Little Lies


ESC: Lies1

ESC: lies2

ESC: Lies3

Carrie Bradshaw Bedroom, Sex and the City





Monica Geller, Rachel Green Kitchen, Friends

Gary Null/NBCU Photo Bank

ESC: Friends1

ESC: Friends3

ESC: Friends2

House of Cards House, Kitchen





You don't need to be a TV buff to understand why these sets are unforgettable. You also don't need to be a fan to steal decorating ideas for your own home redesign project.

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