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Sometimes, the stylish ensembles of celebrities abroad are so dreamy, they actually rival the beauty of their foreign backdrops. We're talking Chrissy Teigen in Venice, Lily Collins in Cannes and Rihanna pretty much anywhere she goes. But don't be fooled: There's a team of fashion fairies and makeup magicians responsible for all that.

After all, do you think the perfection that was Celine Dion in Paris happened all by itself? If you could peel your eyes off the fuzzy pink Louboutins and head-to-toe tiger motif, you'd notice a subtle caption cred to outfit wizard Law Roach, whose A-list clients also include Zendaya and Ariana Grande. This duo is rocking the fashion world, one inspired couture look after the next.

Chrissy Teigen Vacation Style

Celine and Law are just one example that in addition to having a sharp instinct for fashion, celebrity stylists must also have a passport. Extensive travel is a requirement for stylists who work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep stars looking fierce.

So what's it like to travel with a celebrity client? Here are seven facts about the challenges and perks that go with the job. 

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First Thing's First: It's Hard Work: Behind all the glamour of handpicked couture pieces and the blinding paparazzi flashes is an enormous amount of work. Stars trust stylists with their public image, which is a huge responsibility. Working long hours and always being prepared for the unexpected is part of the everyday experience of starlet styling. Plus, no task is too small—consider Mel Ottenberg, who shared a photo of himself adjusting Rihanna's iconic pink Giambattista Valli gown down to the moment she stepped onto the Valerian red carper.


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Work Hard, Play Hard: When accompanying a client to the industry's biggest events and award ceremonies, an invite to exclusive after-parties is kind of a given. Up-and-comer Siena Montesano—who formerly assisted stylist Karla Welch and is now working with The Chainsmokers—hung out with Hailey Baldwin at Rihanna's epic Met Gala after-party. That's one pretty sweet way to jump-start a career. 

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Quality Time Together Is a Must: Of course, developing a close relationship with clients is essential to being able to dress them well. Traveling the world together and attending carpets and events only helps to foster that connection. So it's no surprise that celebrities become close to their stylists, like Sofia Richie who vacationed with stylist Chloe Bartoli in Jamaica this summer. Their Instagram posts were as cute as their outfit selections. 

Stylists Think on the Fly: The Cannes Film Festival is a magnet for the most high-profile celebs and their all-star teams of hair, makeup and wardrobe stylists. With so much star power, even the most standard photo op or moment shared on social media can change the course of pop culture history. Sartorial genius Elizabeth Stewart knows this all too well. A five-minute photo shoot by an elevator in Cannes with client Jessica Chastain turned into the cover for Gala Croisette magazine. Like we said: magicians.

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Stylists Achieve Squad Status: Natalie Saidi is well known for her work with Vanessa Hudgens, as she's largely responsible for the So You Think You Can Dance judge's signature bohemian chic look. That means this queen of Coachella isn't attending without her number-one fashion confidante. For many stylists, their work means initiation into the star squad and access to some of the coolest events and festivals all over the world. Case in point, Natalie's Instagram post

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They Get Vacation Perks: Going away with clients means you get to travel like them, too. No Holiday Inns here, people. One of Hollywood's favorite styling duos, Kate Hudson and Sophie Lopez, are often spotted having fun together (fashionably, of course) everywhere from Aspen to Greece. Whether she's on a boat or enjoying lunch with a sensational view, Sophie gets to enjoy some serious perks while focusing on keeping Kate's outfits on point.

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Extracurricular Activities Are Involved: In addition to bringing along stylists for wardrobe consulting and around-the-clock fashion care, they also make for an extra person to participate in vacation or travel activities. Who could say no to that? When traveling with Karlie Kloss, this often means doing something that involves sneakers. While Karla Welch is responsible for Karlie's top-notch outfits, her off-duty responsibilities also include helping the supermodel get in shape for the NYC marathon. The athletic gear looked solid too, of course. 

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Conclusion: This is one tough job that comes with major perks. 

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