Someone has a serious dose of Bieber Fever!

While Sadie Robertson may be focused on her family and career, the actress can't avoid a few handsome men in Hollywood.

During her latest sit-down with E! News, Sadie was asked to reveal her celebrity crush. The answer may just have you singing "Baby, Baby, Baby, Oh."

"Now that Justin Bieber is going to all these Christian conferences, I'm like hit me up Biebs," she shared with us while celebrating her new Hallmark Channel TV movie titled Sun, Sand & Romance.

If Justin is interested, there may be something he should know. Sadie can often be mistaken for another pop superstar named Miley Cyrus.

Sadie Robertson, Justin Bieber

Getty Images

"People think I look like her and I was on a mission trip in Guatemala and these kids in the village—we were going to give everybody rain boots—and I was putting rain boots on these little kids' feet and this little girl walks up and she has a Hannah Montana t-shirt," Sadie recalled. "She looks at me and goes, Hannah Montana."

She added, "And she went and got all the kids in the village and I sang Hannah Montana songs and they really thought I was Miley Cyrus so I'm really famous in Guatemala."

For the record, Sadie deserves plenty of credit for her talents in Hollywood and beyond. In addition to wowing fans on Dancing With the Stars, the reality star is excited to appear in Sun, Sand & Romance.

Premiering Saturday night at 9 p.m. on the Hallmark Channel, the TV movie tells the story of a couple visiting a summer resort. When an old flame enters the picture, however, one character must make a big choice.

When asked if she has experienced her own travel struggles, Sadie was the first to admit that there have been some mishaps that occurred at the worst possible times.

Let's just say she may want to reconsider wearing pajamas on her next flight. Get the full story in our video above.  

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