Miley Cyrus Poses as a Nude Fairy for David LaChapelle's Book Lost + Found

The singer wears next to nothing to pose for the famed photographer

By Zach Johnson Aug 25, 2017 2:50 PMTags

Miley Cyrus makes for one sexy sprite.

Famed photographer David LaChapelle has released the cover for Lost + Found, which shows Cyrus dressed as a fairy. The "Malibu" singer gives the illusion that she is posing naked, but in reality, she's wearing a clear bodysuit embellished with carefully placed pink Swarovski crystals.

Cyrus, who also wears rainbow wings, appears in a prison cell tangled with flowering branches. Lost + Found, Vol. 1 of LaChapelle's first publication in a decade, promises to show over 150 unpublished works, ranging from his early work in New York City in the '80s up through today.

The "Younger Now" singer isn't the only notable person LaChapelle will be featuring in Lost + Found, of course. Julian Assange, David Bowie, Naomi Campbell, Hillary Clinton, Michael Jackson, Dwayne Johnson, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Amber Rose, Uma Thurman, Andy Warhol, Kanye West and Amy Winehouse are among those selected to appear in the latest collection. According to LaChapelle's publisher, Taschen, the book is "coming soon" and will sell for $69.99.

Miley Cyrus' Naked (and Almost Naked) Pics

In a press release promoting the book's release, Taschen says LaChapelle's Lost + Found "represents the dizzying journey of an unrivalled critical and creative eye, navigating a world in thrall to hyper-polished sexuality, as much as to the profound questions of human existence."

LaChapelle's monographic Lost + Found exhibition is currently on display at Casa dei Tre Oci in Venice, Italy. Curated by Denis Curti and Reiner Opoku, it includes 100 portraits featuring the likes of Muhammad Ali, Jeff Koons and Madonna. The exhibition is scheduled to close Sept. 10.

Cyrus, meanwhile, is gearing up for the release of her sixth studio album.