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Let's get it on… at the gym?

Not exactly, but more and more research shows a strong link between regular exercise and a better sex life (including the opinions of celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow). Reduced risk of erectile dysfunction, lower stress levels and improved quality of the female orgasm are various examples of the benefits.

Have we got your attention yet?

If you need more than a study to believe it, how about taking the word of some of your favorite celebs? Some of our best #fitspo comes from the stars, who love to share information about their latest workout habits and obsessions. And when they overshare, well that's even better. According to stars like Gwyneth and Khloé Kardashian, working out has also benefited their sex lives.

As if we weren't already all ears.

Gwyneth is a longtime friend and business associate of Tracy Anderson, founder of her namesake revolutionary fitness method. Gwyneth said that the method did "such wonders for my life my confidence, my sex life, everything" in an interview with redbook a few years back. And there's science to back that up.

Staying active can make you like how you look while feeling stronger and more confident. When you're at your best with a boosted self-esteem, this naturally has a positive impact on your sex life.

As for the Kardashian who rules the gym? Khloé turns to exercise to take care of what she calls her "lady bits." She posted to her app about the kinds of tools she uses to strengthen her vaginal muscles and track her progress. The Revenge Body host compared using kegel weights to Pilates for your privates.

So why is this important?

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Kegels are basic clench-and-release motions to strengthen the muscles of your pelvic floor. They can be done anytime anywhere (you probably just gave it a try… same), just be sure to empty your bladder first. According to WebMD, when these muscles weaken—this could be from childbirth, aging or gaining weight—your pelvic organs can lower into the vagina causing discomfort and even urinary incontinence. While doing this exercise doesn't mean you're tightening your vagina, these are the muscles responsible for the contractions you feel when you orgasm. Toning that area means boosting your arousal and allowing for a tighter grip during intercourse, which will intensify that climax.

Yes, please.  

Men aren't excluded from Kegel fun either: this exercise can result in enhanced erections and orgasms.

Just tell us how many reps, Khloé.

You can't beat those reasons to maintain an active lifestyle. 

Don't be surprised if we call up a workout buddy to join next time we hit the gym.

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