Who does Ernie from Sesame Street love more than anyone else in the whole world? Who does he serenade constantly? With whom does he have a beautiful, unbreakable bond?

That's right.

Rubber Duckie!

So it's no surprise that he would serenade his favorite bath time companion with a parody of Luis Fonsi's hit song "Despacito." The satirical music video, titled "El Patito" ("The Little Duck"), was released on Sesame Street's YouTube page this week.

"Rubber Duckie, it is a connection / It doesn't have to be a tubby session, ya / Take my day from zero to eleven, ya / Vo-doh-eh-oh! You are" Ernie sings, cuddling Rubber Duckie.

<i>Sesame Street</i> Parody of "Despacito"

Sesame Workshop

Meanwhile, Bert stares right at them. Hey, guess who's feeling left out?

"Oh no, not this song again!" he exclaims.

"No matter where we go, you and I we both know / We're there for each other, so happy together / You might even say we're two birds of a feather," Ernie sings.

"Ernie, you are not a bird and he is made of rubber!" an increasingly exasperated Bert tells him.

"Oh, it's a figure of speech, Bert," Ernie says.

"Duckie I'm so lucky / rubba dubba dubbie / Yellow little buddy, squeeze you and squeeze you / I know it doesn't phase ya /The song my duckie plays (ah) / All raise your hands up / Let's hear what Rubber Duckie says(ah) / El paaaaa-tito," Ernie continues.

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