Get ready to cry again.

This Is Us returns for its highly anticipated second season on Sept. 26, and get ready to shed all of those tears you've been holding in, because NBC just released a scene from the premiere that is sure to make your eyes rain.

In the sneak peek, Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) have an honest conversation about his adoption, and how she was hesitant about it before Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) convinced her he was meant to be their son. (And thank god, he did!)

"It's complicated," Rebecca tells Randall at first when he asks about his adoption and whether or not they argued over the decision, as he and his wife Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) are currently having issues over adoption. (He wants to, she doesn't seem to want to.) 

Cut to a flashback of Rebecca and Jack looking at little Randall in the hospital, just after Kate and Kevin were born and they were grieving the loss of the third triplet. "Can't you just feel it? Can't you just see it?" Jack asks Rebecca, who admits to Randall she initially said no. 

"He was so determined that you were meant to be, meant to be ours, Sometimes in marriage, someone has to be the one to push to make the big moves. And often times in our marriage, yes, it was your father. Our marriage wasn't perfect, it's true. But none are. And your father wasn't perfect either, but he was pretty damn close. As close as they come." 

This Is Us, Season 2, Key Art, Poster


Annnnd we're crying. And Rebecca's crying. And Randall's crying. We're ALL crying. 

Expect the waterworks to continue throughout the season premiere, as we will receive a huge reveal about Jack's death, with creator Dan Fogelman revealing that "a big, giant piece of the puzzle that will potentially set the internet abuzz, but hopefully give some momentum to that storyline" will go down in the episode.

Our advice: stock up on tissues now. 

For more scoop on season two, check out everything we know so far.

This Is Us returns Tuesday, Sept. 26 on NBC.

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