American Horror Story: Cult just topped its creepy credit sequence with a one heck of a trailer released on

The trailer, which had an opening with Billie Lourd in character telling viewers she can take their fear, kicks off Michigan in 2016. Donald Trump has just been elected president and the news prompts a bloodcurdling scream from Sarah Paulson's character, Ally, and makes Evan Peters' character, Kai, let out a heavy metal yell…and hump the TV.

"Since election night it has just been getting so much worse," Paulson's character tells Cheyenne Jackon's, a doctor, about her fear of clowns.

She's seeing them everywhere and it's bugging her out—naturally. Wouldn't murderous clowns scare you?

Sarah Paulson, American Horror Story: Cult


"I don't know how much more this I can take," Alison Pill's character, wife to Paulson's, says.

And that's where Lourd and Peters' characters come in. They're obviously involved the fear-based cult.

"What fills your heart with dread?" Peters' character says.

"Children," Lourd's responds…and then viewers find out she's the nanny to Paulson and Pill's son! And she's introducing toys of Twisty the Clown from American Horror Story: Freak Show into their household.

AHS: Cult also stars Billy Eichner, Adina Porter, Colton Haynes, Leslie Grossman, Lena Dunham, Frances Conroy and Mare Winningham.

Ryan Murphy previously teased a "love story for the ages" was going to happen between Paulson's character and Peters', which is surprising based on the info available and the trailer.

"I think it's going to reveal itself in surprising ways," Paulson teased at the 2017 TCA summer press tour.

Get more info on the season below and be sure to tell us what you think of the trailer.

American Horror Story: Cult


The title for season seven is American Horror Story: Cult, but perhaps it should be Cults, because the season will explore multiple cults throughout history, focusing on a new one that arises after the results of the 2016 election. 

American Horror Story: Cult


Murphy revealed the 11-episode season will be set in Michigan. He previously revealed it takes place the night of the 2016 presidential election. The co-creator previously told E! News it would be a "very, very scary" modern story, yet "fun" and "topical."

American Horror Story: Roanoke


And it's his busiest season yet! He'll be playing the leader of the main cult that rises up after the 2016 election, as well as five other cult leaders from history, including Charles Manson, David Koresh, Andy Warhol, and Jim Jones, according to Ryan Murphy. 

Evan Peters, Andy Warhol

Instagram, GLOAGUEN/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

Speaking of Peters' turn as the famed pop artist Andy Warhol, creator Ryan Murphy shared an Instagram photo of the actor in his costume on Thursday, Oct. 5, and the resemblance is damn near uncanny. "Evan Peters or Andy Warhol?" Murphy asked. Good question.

American Horror Story Roanoke, 2017 Emmys


Murphy quickly revealed Sarah Paulson would be in season seven, which is generally a forgone conclusion. She's one of the leads. After he announced the title, Murphy revealed Paulson's character is named Ally. She's married to Allison Pill's character Ivy, and she does not take well to the results of the 2016 election. 

American Horror Story: Cult


Alison Pill, a newcomer to the cast, stars as Ivy Mayfair-Richards, the wife of Sarah Paulson's Ally Mayfair-Richards, with whom she owns a restaurant. 

American Horror Story: Cult


AHS veteran Cheyenne Jackson is Dr. Rudy Vincent, a therapist. 

American Horror Story: Cult


Known for comedies Parks and RecreationDifficult People and his own show, Billy on the StreetBilly Eichner is going dramatic for the new season of AHS. He'll appear as Harrison Wilton, a neighbor of Sarah Paulson's character. 

American Horror Story: Cult


Scream Queens star jumps to AHS as Winter Anderson, the new nanny of Sarah Paulson and Allison Pill's characters. 

American Horror Story: Cult


Teen Wolf and Scream Queens veteran Colton Haynes will appear in AHS: Cult as Detective Samuels. 

Leslie Grossman

Michael Tran/FilmMagic

Leslie Grossman, who worked with Murphy on Popular, re-teams with the creator for AHS: Cult. "My friend Leslie Grossman is joining this season of American Horror Story. One of the funniest and most talented ladies I know. Congrats Ms Leslie G," Murphy posted on Instagram. She plays one of Ally and Ivy's neighbors. 

Lena Dunham, 2017 Met Gala Arrivals

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Lena Dunham will guest star in AHS: Cult, making it her first TV gig since Girls wrapped up. Murphy tweeted about her involvement, saying, "Thrilled that my talented friend Lena Dunham is joining the AMERICAN HORROR STORY family. Always wanted to work together, and now we r!" 

Dunham will appear in episode seven as Valerie Solanas, the woman who tried to shoot Andy Warhol. 

American Horror Story: Roanoke, Adina Porter


American Horror Story: Roanoke breakout Adina Porter is back in the fold, playing a news reporter. 

Emma Roberts

Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for 2017 Tribeca Film Festival

Bet you thought you'd seen the last of her, but of course you haven't Roberts will be back as news reporter Serena Belinda, who gets promoted over Adina Porter's character "simply because she's much more superficial and willing to do what it takes to survive," according to Murphy. 

Frances Conroy, American Horror Story, Coven

Michele K. Short/FX

AHS veteran Frances Conroy will be back in some form or another. She previously appeared in seasons one, two, three, four and six and played everything from a cannibal hillbilly to the Angel of Death to the iconic Myrtle Snow.

American Horror Story: Hotel, AHS


Mare Winningham, a veteran of AHS: Coven, Freak Show and Hotel, will be back in some form or another. Murphy revealed her involvement on Twitter and teased there will be more familiar faces back in the fold as well.


Michele K. Short/FX

Did you miss the homicidal clown played by John Carroll Lynch on Freak Show? No? Too bad. Twisty's presence will clearly be felt, as evidenced by all those clowns. Murphy also revealed a behind-the-scenes photo of a Twisty comic book.

Lady Gaga, Chloe Sevigny, American Horror Story: Hotel


Lady Gaga, who starred in American Horror Story: Hotel and appeared in American Horror story: Roanoke, will not be in season seven.

American Horror Story, Freak Show


OK, this isn't exactly about American Horror Story: Cult, but Sarah Paulson was asked by a fan on Twitter if she missed Jessica Lange, her costar for the first four seasons. And Paulson's answer? It's going to break your heart: "More than I can say," she responded. No, you're crying.

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American Horror Story: Cult premieres Tuesday, Sept. 5 at 10 p.m. on FX.

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