Shepard Smith was not as stoked on the 2017 solar eclipse as the rest of us.

The Fox News anchor spent a majority of his coverage of yesterday's lunar events poking fun at what he found to be a less-than-exciting experience.

In fact, one genius Twitter user put together a mash-up of everything Smith had to say about the eclipse, and it's obvious that the coverage was not a job he could take super seriously.

"It's interesting. Look, the sun looks a little like the moon up there on the wall," he unenthusiastically described the eclipse, adding, "They know this is all it's gonna be right? Just a moon over the sun."

Later on, when the eclipse was over, he could barely believe how fast it all happened.

"The sun is returning, jalapeña!" He gasped. "That was quick!"

He also took time to show various other eclipses in the studio, like a total eclipse of one of the studio monitors, which he made happen by putting a folder in front of the camera. He even performed a total eclipse of his phone at one point as well.

Apparently, some viewers thought he should have been taking the eclipse more seriously, taking to Twitter to comment about his under-enthused coverage.

"Well, we're having a good time. For us this is just a lot of fun," he responded to the critics, adding sarcastically, "We've been watching the path of totality!"

He ended his coverage recalling an ancient Chinese legend about people being afraid that a dragon might eat the sun—which he noted is "always something to consider"—and finished things off by sarcastically asking viewers, "How was it? Was it everything?" LOL.

To be fair, we kind of understand where he was coming from. What about you? Was the solar eclipse a little less exciting than you hoped? Sound off in the comments below!

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