Aly Michalka, AJ Michalka

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They're baaaaaaack!

Unless you slept through the aughts, you know about Aly & AJ. But just in case you need your memory jogged: Aly Michalka and her younger sister AJ Michalka were two teeny boppers who sung their way into bubble-gum stardom in the mid-2000s. 

In 2007 they had a certified hit with the tune, "Potential Breakup Song," which was named Time's 9th best song of the year. But then after that—no more Aly & AJ music. They briefly released songs under the name 78Violet, but it's been a whopping 10 years since the two released a song as Aly & AJ. But last Friday, the Michalka sisters debuted their new single, "Take Me." And judging from the racy cover art—it's pretty sexy! 

Clearly a lot has happened in the last decade. Namely, that the former child stars grew up and traded in singing for acting! Aly is now 28, married to Stephen Ringer and stars on iZombie. Meanwhile, AJ is 26 and series regular on the sitcom The Goldbergs.

Years ago, the starlets decided to step away from music and focus on acting, but the music kept calling them back, drawing them into the studio once more. 

In a new interview with Elle, the duo explained what happened, where they've been and what brought them back to their musical roots. 

"My husband encouraged us to come back to music," Aly said. "He saw us singing and writing round the house so he encouraged us to get back out there and write music and perform...[Finally] we just said, 'Okay, let's give this one last go.'"

The twosome then reached out to their good friend, and songwriter Mike Elizondo and started to get into the swing of things.

As for their new, more mature sound, Aly explained, "The music we were writing then was based on fictional relationships. We were thirteen and fifteen, we were writing with zero experience. Now that I'm married, and we've each had many relationships and heartbreaks, we're coming at songwriting at a much different way."


Aly Michalka, AJ Michalka

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In the interview, AJ also talked to the mag about what it was like to be a child star. "I don't think we were [in the] mega stardom field, but I do know that our music had done well enough that Aly and I were recognized on a day-to-day basis, especially if we were together," admitted the actress.

The sitcom star continued, "You deal with constant scrutiny, and people who know your business too intimately who shouldn't. As a kid, it can be overwhelming and frightening. Now that we're older, I feel safer. I know how to handle it better. Had we been bigger at that age, it can be really freaky and possibly damaging."

AJ also admitted she's glad that the pair weren't super stars and she's thankful for that. "Had we been bigger at that age, it can be really freaky and possibly damaging. I'm glad we didn't experience Taylor Swift-level fame because I don't know how that would work," said the 26-year-old. "Thankfully we had each other; I can't imagine it as a solo artist. [Even] growing up with super-normal parents and a solid team around us, being under the microscope is definitely a weird way to grow up."

But that's not the only exciting stuff that that the sisters discussed in their chat with the mag. Aly also said she she was also totally down for a Phil of the Future reunion!

When asked about it, Aly said, "I mean, sure! I guess reunions are a big thing now. I wouldn't be opposed to it. It's a funny idea. I have no idea what they'd do necessarily with the storyline, but yeah, sure."

Aly & AJ's four-song EP is set to be released before a full album release in 2018.

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