Nikki Bella Reveals the Name of Her and Brie's New Wine!

By Brett Malec Aug 21, 2017 6:53 PMTags
Watch: Nikki Bella Accidentally Announces Wine Launch

It's wine time for the Bella Twins!

E! News sat down Nikki Bella and Brie Bella this morning along with their men John Cena and Daniel Bryan to get all the scoop on season two of Total Bellas, which premieres Sept. 6 at 9 p.m.

"For Bryan and I, you actually get to follow us all the way into the delivery room, which was a big thing that we had to talk about because it's such a private moment," Brie revealed.

In addition to the birth of little Birdie Joe Danielson, fans will get a behind-the-scenes look at how John pulled off his WrestleMania proposal.

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"I think the one thing that's really neat about Total Bellas is you get the inside look at Brie and I with our significant others and with our family," Nikki dished. "And our family goes through a lot this season too. Not only are they going through a lot, Brie and I are trying to be these businesswomen, which we are these businesswomen, but trying to be in the ring and she's pregnant and she's doing all her baby stuff."

That's when Nikki accidentally spilled the name of their new wine exclusively to E! News!

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"And then we're trying to launch Birdie Bee and Belle Radici. I just said the name. We didn't even announce it yet. A wine!" Nikki laughed.

"You heard it here first," John added.

"E! gets it's first! Belle Radici, our wine," Nikki added. "It's a really good season. There's a lot going on."

Belle Radici, which means "beautiful roots" in Italian, will go on sale this fall through the official Belle Radici website.

So what else can fans expect from season two of Total Bellas? Watch the interview for more exclusive scoop!

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