Jamie-Lynn Sigler Finds Closure After the Tragic Death of Her Older Brother: "He Got the Essence of Who My Brother Was"

Adam's "funny" spirit shines through in this Hollywood Medium clip

By Vannessa Jackson Aug 22, 2017 4:30 PMTags
Watch: Tyler Henry Connects to Jamie-Lynn Sigler's Late Brother

Family is forever!

Actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler and her BFF Lance Bass got great news from the beyond in this sneak peek from the season finale of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry. From the moment he walked through the doors, Tyler Henry was receiving information from a very energetic spirit who meant a lot to Jamie.

"He's coming across so funny. This individual would be someone who would always make people laugh and would always basically be the center of attention," Tyler revealed. "But the feeling is I want to make you laugh, I want you to be happy."


"I wish you could plug a chord in and see what's coming through because it comes across in such a funny way," Tyler explained.  Jamie and Lance knew immediately who he was channeling: her late brother Adam. "Always the life of the party," confirmed Lance.

"He liked to make people laugh. He liked to just be inappropriate and make people uncomfortable," Jamie shared. "It's hiking the pants up," Tyler shared. "I feel like I'm dancing and hiking the pants up and it's the weirdest thing because it's a funny memory that's coming across where this individual was a young child. It might even be a photo where the pants are hiked up."

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"Well we made a ton of home movies. My brother Adam when he was young wanted to be a director so he would—it's probably how I got into acting—like he would force my other brother and I to be in his films," Jamie recalled. "So we would do movies and we would do music videos and in one of the music videos he dressed like a dork, which was where his pants were really high up and he had glasses but it's all on video."

"I knew Adam was going to come in immediately. I mean he's chomping at the bit to talk to you as much as he can," Lance shared. "It was nice to see. I feel like he was there with us you know—just seeing Adam."

"It makes us laugh because we know who he's talking about," Jamie revealed. "So to really feel that he got the essence of who my brother was, was so confirming and it was special."

See the amazing reveal in the clip above!