Something about this week's Game of Thrones felt weird. 

It's not that it was a bad episode, but it just felt kinda silly, you know? Kidnapping a white walker felt like the stupidest plan in the first place, and definitely not a plan that deserved the consequences it led to. 

Thoros is dead, Benjen's dead, Jon Snow nearly died again, he and Dany are probably going to hook up even harder than they were going to before now that he's bent the knee, and now the white walkers have a goddamn zombie dragon!! 

But good for you guys, you got yourselves a snarling skeleton to prove to Cersei that s--t is bad. Congratulations! 

Game of Thrones


The thing (other than the zombie dragon thing) is that we just can't see Cersei reasonably looking at that zombie and going, "You guys were right, let's kill the zombies and then all go back to peacefully having sex with our relatives, shall we?"

It just feels really pointless and irritating and why didn't Benjen just get on the horse with Jon Snow?! And why is this show so obsessed with Jon and Dany and their gazing and their hand holding?! And why do we care so much?! 

Game of Thrones


Anyway, the other storyline in tonight's episode was also irritating. 

Arya confronted Sansa about the letter she had written to Robb back in season one, begging him to swear loyalty to Joffrey (on Cersei's orders). Arya somehow can't see that the letter was written a long time ago when things were very different, and clearly Sansa had to do it, and it didn't really mean anything, and she couldn't seem to grasp that when Sansa said she had been through more than Arya could imagine, she really meant it. 

Later, Sansa went to search for the letter, but found Arya's faces instead. And instead of explaining anything that could be helpful to their relationship as sisters, Arya grabbed a knife and tried to get Sansa to play a game, like some kind of sociopath who kills people and steals their faces or something. 

Game of Thrones


Sure, it makes sense given everything Arya has done over the past couple seasons, but it's not the Arya we want. We like our badass murderers to be cool and only murdery towards the people who deserve it! 

Sansa's also still got Littlefinger in her ear, putting her against her sister even more than her sister is already putting her against herself. Hopefully Arya kindly handing the knife to Sansa at the end was a sign of better things to come, but at this point, we're kinda hoping Jon comes back, gives them each a slap and tells them to stop this nonsense and talk to each other like actual sisters. 

He won't do that, but wouldn't it be fun if he did? 

At this point, don't give anybody the throne. Nobody deserves the throne, except maybe the Night King, oddly enough. Would a zombie ruler really be that bad? 

Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO. 

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