Grey's Anatomy Season 13's Gag Reel Is Here to Help You Start Your Week Off Right

Exclusive! Get a look at the hysterical behind-the-scenes screw-ups from season 13 of the ABC drama.

By Billy Nilles Aug 21, 2017 4:00 PMTags

The struggle is real, Grey's Anatomy fans.

We've still got over a month before we can check back in with the good doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital to see how they're recovering after last season's (literally) explosive finale. Our impatience over waiting for the two-hour season 14 premiere may be growing stronger, but we've got a new way to distract ourselves from our Grey's hunger pangs: The season 13 gag reel. 

Exclusive to E! News, and available as a bonus feature on the season 13 DVD set (in stores August 29), this year's reel has all of your faves cutting loose and cracking up. There's Ellen Pompeo continually referring to Dr. Webber as the "Director of Admissions" despite knowing full-well that's not his title, and Justin Chambers stumbling over the usually easily pronounceable phrase "surgical consult." Not to be outdone, Jesse Williams begins saying lines that aren't even his, while an extra full-on breaks a table in one scene.

"We still doing the TV show?" Chandra Wilson asks hysterically.

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When the show returns for season 14, some of the laughter from the gag reel just might be making its way into the final cut, Jessica Capshaw recently admitted to E! News. When asked how the hospital was handling the events of the finale, she had this to offer: "I think it's in a recovery and I think it's not only in a recovery, but it's in sort of like a moment where you find your place and you gain a little traction and then you move positively and forward-ly on. We did a table read for both the first and second episodes, and they are righteously hysterical. They're so much fun and very sort of going back to first and second season Grey's. It's very funny. It's very irreverent and funny and sort of on its side. I think it's what you remember and love about the beginning of the original group."

Whose flub has you cracking up the most? Sound off in the comments below!

Grey's Anatomy: The Complete 13th Season hits shelves on Tuesday, Aug. 29, while Season 14 premieres Thursday, Sept. 28 at 8 p.m. on ABC.