Taylor Swift's Social Media Accounts Were Just Purged: Let the Theories Begin

Singer has deleted all the content off her Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and more

By Kendall Fisher Aug 18, 2017 7:02 PMTags

If you're a Taylor Swift fan, this morning's turn of events has most definitely prompted you to scream, "What the f--k?!"

But for the people who may have missed it: The 27-year-old pop star has deleted years' and years' worth of content from her Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and even her website, wiping them all totally clean...essentially turning them into blank spaces.

Though some of her videos and photos still remain on her official Facebook page, her profile picture has been removed and remains the generic music note.

Taylor Swift's Best Looks

This is Tay's Instagram account. Not only are her photos gone, she even deleted her "About Me" and unfollowed all of her friends.


Her website is a literal black world of emptiness.


Even the Tumblr she's been using since her pre-fame days has been purged.


Last time we checked, her Twitter account dated back to 2009, but as we kept refreshing the tweets got older and older. Eventually, we're guessing there won't be anything left there either.


Taylor Swift's Hair Evolution

So the mystery remains: What's this all about? 

Spokespeople for both Twitter and Instagram said they could not comment on individual accounts. Thus, her fans and followers have taken things into their own hands, speculating upon a few grand theories that might explain the craziness:

She Was Hacked: With all the hacking that's been going lately due to the cyber attacks—the latest victim being HBO—our automatic guess was that someone got a hold of her accounts. In fact, within the hour of her accounts being wiped clean, one guy even came forward to take the blame.

However, the Twitter-verse wasn't buying it, which leads us to our next theory:

She's Taking a Break From Social Media: Just like her good pal Ed Sheeran and several other celebrities who've parted ways with social media, some people are speculating that Swift might be calling it quits when it comes to sharing her life on the Internet—for now...or maybe for the rest of time. This goes even further with the idea that perhaps she's using her platform of fame to stand against social media's toxicity.

YouTube / TaylorSwiftVEVO

She's Starting Over: Or perhaps all of this is part of a major re-brand for the singer—a way to show she's "shaking off" her past and moving forward in a new direction. Interestingly enough, today marks the 3-year anniversary of the release of her famous "Shake It Off" single. Not to mention, it would come on the heels of her long break from the public eye as well as an up-and-down year of (literal) trials and tribulations for Swift.

She's Announcing Hew New Album: Alas, we think the theory of all theories belongs to those who believe Swift is on the brink of announcing her sixth studio album. You see, not only does today mark the anniversary of "Shake It Off," it also marks the anniversary of her 1989 announcement. Furthermore, Swifties noticed the pop star is scheduled to appear on Good Morning America August 31. 

Swift's favorite number is 13, and 31 backwards is—you guessed it—13!

Needless to say, the discussion has fans going crazy, but all we can do at this point is wait for some kind of answer.

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