James Corden, The Late Late Show, Spain Terror Attacks


Spain's pain was felt around the world on Thursday. 

After several attacks rattled the country between Wednesday and Thursday, leaving more than one hundred people injured and more than a dozen dead, Late Late Show host James Corden took his seat on-set Thursday night to send a heartfelt message to our eastern neighbors. 

"You will by now have heard about the tragic events today in Barcelona. It saddens me that once again I need to start our program talking about another appaling tragedy in the world," he began, referencing the white van that was driven into pedestrians in Las Ramblas on Thursday. 

"When we hear about London or Paris, Stockholm and now Barcelona, you can almost start to become numb to it, like this is becoming something normal and we don't need to talk about it here on our show," Corden continued. "But, we think we mustn't allow it to become something that's normal—we must talk about it, so that we'll remember how sad, horrific and tragic these moments are."

"To the people of Spain and Barcelona, I just want to add to the rest of the world's outpouring of love and give our thoughts for you," he said with emotion. "We are thinking about the victims and their families right now on what must be an unimaginable day of horror for them. Our job here is to bring a bit of light and levity to the end of your day in a world where it is becoming often too hard to find."

Since the late-night host made the remarks, Spain was a target again in the early hours of Friday morning. According to CNN, five armed attackers drove through a crowd of people in Cambrils, a town southwest of Barcelona. Six people were injured in the attack, including one police officer, and one person was killed. 

"Terrorists will never defeat a united people who love freedom against barbarism," Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy Brey said in a statement on Facebook on Thursday. "All of Spain is with the victims and their families."

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