Here's Why the Internet Is Freaking Out Over This Selena Gomez Look-Alike

22-year-old Sofia Solares looks exactly like the Queen of Instagram according to fans

By Mike Vulpo Aug 17, 2017 2:30 AMTags

Saying Selena Gomez has a long lost twin would make us a bad liar. Saying Selena Gomez has one heck of a look-alike, however, would make us a pretty good truth teller.

If you love the Internet, chances are you've come across the Instagram account of Sofia Solares.

The 22-year-old who calls Mexico home appears to be your usual social media user with a profile filled with selfies, favorite products and a few Starbucks cups with or without her name spelled correctly.

But what has followers buzzing is one simple realization even we can't help but ignore: She looks just like Selena the pop superstar.

Whether she's snapping a selfie or posting a candid, Sofia has already been receiving comments from more than a few followers about how much she looks like the "Come and Get It" singer.

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A post shared by Sofia Solares (@sofisolars) on

A post shared by Sofia Solares (@sofisolars) on

A post shared by Sofia Solares (@sofisolars) on

"Selena Gomez Double bro," one follower wrote. Another added, "Selena? I'm so shook OMG."

To get fans even more excited, Sofia follows the real Selena on Twitter and recently shared one of her posts. In addition, she only follows 37 people meaning it's kind of a big deal.

While Selena has yet to comment on her look-alike, we have a feeling it's only a matter of time. After all, many of the comments on Sofia's Instagram posts have the singer tagged.

"Yes, I love Selena Gomez and I declare myself a fan of hers and of course it would be a dream to know that she is aware of my existence," Sofia told E! News exclusively (in quotes translated from Spanish). "If she were to take a few minutes to write something to me—I would cry of happiness!"

As we cross our fingers for the 13 Reasons Why producer to share a message or even like a photo, we'll be scrolling through many of Sofia's posts. And while fans may be quick to compare the pair, Sofia wants followers to know that she's still her own person. 

"Honestly, with time I've already gotten used to people saying, ‘You look like Selena Gomez,' wherever I've been...It's not something that I dislike, but I like it better when they love me for being myself," she explained.

"There are occasions where she can put something on or change her look etc. and when I like something I wear it or I'll do it because it truly inspires me, but I always try to stay true to myself," Sofia continued. "I mean, it's great that I look like her, but I don't want to lose myself trying to be someone that I'm not!" 

—Reporting by Taylor Bryant