Imagine you're a dog. Life is already pretty good. You get to sleep most of the day, go on a walk occasionally, be blissfully unaware of anything going on outside your door. But for dogs that belong to celebrities, that desirable lifestyle takes on a whole new meaning. 

That's because as much as A-listers love to experience the finer things in life, they want their pets to enjoy it even more. We might even go so far as to describe some celebrity pets as spoiled. Stars love to wine and dine their dogs as much as possible. This can mean anything from giving them the fanciest food money will allow to outfitting them in only the finest designer duds. But in Los Angeles there are a few services and hangouts that exist solely to cater to the glamorous whims of A-list pets. 

As any dog owner knows, it all starts with the walks. Young Hollywood has been turning to one service in particular as of late: WAG. It's an on-demand phone app that lets stars (and any user) request a walk at any time, from anywhere. If you're Mew Jenner and your mom Kendall is stuck in LA traffic after a long photo shoot, someone will come and give you a walk. If you're Frankie and Chance Munn and you're on set with your mom Olivia, someone will come and give you a walk. If you're Cha Cha and Jill E. Bean Carey, well, your mom is Mariah Carey and that means she's going to hire somebody to come and walk you even if she is home, because she's Mariah Carey. 

The team at WAG is pretty much a celebrity-catering machine at this point, which means they can handle whatever outlandish or overly-luxurious comes their way, whether it's to come to a wedding and walk the party guests' dogs or whether it's to provide only the finest bottled water for the pampered pooches to drink. Its celebrity users get live GPS tracking of each dog walking so they can follow along to make sure their pooches are getting the best service, and the app puts all of its walkers through a very strict vetting process before they ever get access to a celeb's home. In fact, only 10% of their applicants make it through. 

Now imagine you've gotten your private, personalized walk. You've slurped up all your bottled water. Yet you're still hungering for more luxury. Enter Vanderpump Dogs. The name itself implies all things over-the-top and the actual facilities do not disappoint. The boutique-meets-dog-spa-meets-rescue-center, owned by Real Housewives's own Lisa Vanderpump, is technically a charitable operation. They rescue dogs from Los Angeles' overcrowded shelters and provide a chic and glamorous environment for potential adopters to come find their new furry soulmate. 

But in addition to the dogs available for adoption, the all-pink (of course) locale sells diamond-studded dog carriers, high-end clothing (yes, dog clothing) and also offers a full pet pampering lineup. They do blowouts, they do manicures (ahem, pawdicures), they offer essential oils, they offer blueberry facials. Again, for dogs. The City of Angels' many bold-named residents can come here whenever they're looking for a safe space to demand totally absurd services for their animals. Even better is the fact that all proceeds go back into the rescue operation. 

Dakota Johnson, Chateau Marmutt, Dog


And sometimes when you're a celebrity dog you just need to get away. A-listers in Hollywood turn to the hallowed halls and bungalows of the Chateau Marmont whenever they need a break from the real world, but it isn't exactly the best environment for four-legged friends. That's where Chateau Marmutt comes in. It's a doggy daycare and hotel that caters to, well, anyone (famous or not), who is looking to spend an exorbitant amount of money to let someone else take care of their dog. Dakota Johnsonis perhaps their most frequent guest, as she's photographed doing pickup and drop-off almost constantly. 

The resort offers the standard fare for dog care, like private bedrooms and training services and grooming sessions on site. It also a chauffeur service that will shuttle celebrity's dogs around Los Angeles for them. They offer door-to-door service from customers' homes to anywhere they need to go. And with that, we're officially jealous of dogs. 

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